Castlevania season 2, episode 6 recap: The River


Episode 6 from season 2 of Netflix series Castlevania sees Carmilla’s forces launch a coup, while Belmont’s crew gets more than they bargained for with Dracula’s castle.

For those who felt Castlevania was too slow this season, the itch for action should pay off in this episode.

It begins with a series of hell-beasts knocking on the door of the Belmont estate. Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso) is busy working on a spell to locate (then re-locate) the castle of Dracula (Graham McTavish).

Dracula moves castle to Brăila while Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) slices and dices demonic attackers. These include a fire drake and an awesome crow-demon guy (sorry for not knowing the scientific name).

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Meanwhile, Carmilla (Jaime Murray) has Hector (Theo James) reanimate a deceased Bishop to bless water under the castle’s bridge. Then she summons soldiers loyal to her to bring down Dracula’s bridge, causing Dracula’s soldiers to hand into the holy water and be summarily destroyed.

It’s apparent that Carmilla wants to crush Dracula, and she all but controls Hector by this point, telling him, “You’re mine now, forge-master!” Obviously, Castlevania is an interesting look into vampire politics, with Carmilla’s foray being the most dramatic turn so far.

Meanwhile, Sypha is trying to magically teleport Dracula’s castle closer, so she can lock it in place with the appropriately titled locking spell. It’s a good time for her, Belmont and Alucard (James Callis) to do this, too, as Drac’s castle is still being invaded by Carmilla’s forces.

Talk about a strategic advantage! Unfortunately for the humans, Sypha accidentally damages parts of Brăila while transporting the castle (though the blessed water kills a bunch of additional vampire soldiers). Just as dramatic, the castle is re-located right on top of the Belmont library — probably a little too close for comfort.

What’s great about this Castlevania episode is that, overall, it doesn’t seem to hold anything back, yet it flows like a natural progression of the previous episodes.

Quite often in a series (either live or animated), either the action or subdued parts will seem a little “tacked on.” This writing, on the other hand, blends everything together in a cohesive way that makes the action compelling, even if it’s all fantastical.

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There is also a setup for a future showdown between Dracula and Belmont, and/or between Dracula and his son, and/or between Dracula and Carmilla.

In fact, as we’ve seen, there’s also tension between Belmont and Alucard, so Castlevania has plenty of possible conflicts to explore. Such is war, and war is hell!

That’s it for this Castlevania recap! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!