The Passage season 1, episode 3 recap: That Never Should Have Happened to You


The Passage returns for another episode, this time with Amy and Brad now living in the Project Noah facility.

It’s Shauna Babcock’s turn to tell her story on the third episode of The Passage.

You know here, she’s the former death row inmate who may be a “blood-sucker” but looks human. She also has this habit of staring at Clark.

Last week, she killed a guard who had been “egging her on,” shall we say? The guard in question threw Grey’s keys into her cell. She left him alone when he went to get them. But the other guard, as he got closer, and taunted her, she killed him.

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So, now Project Noah is trying to decide what to do with her. Clark, for some reason, is all about euthanizing her. Maybe it’s because she’s attracted to her. We saw that they had a moment when she first arrived at Project Noah. Another guard assaulted her and Clark saved her. They had a nice moment. So, maybe he thinks it would just be better for Shauna not to be there anymore.

Fanning has other plans. These blood-suckers can not only enter people’s dreams, but they also seem to all be able to communicate with each other. We see this in — let’s call it “the meeting place.”

In the meeting place, Fanning and Sauna always look like normal people. Fanning tells her to stick to the plan. And no, the plan is not revealed, but I have a feeling it has something to do with taking over the world.

Shauna’s backstory, which she shows Clark through his mind, shows her side of the story, and how she ended up on death row.

Back in 2012 in Nevada, Shauna had ambitions to move to LA and become a make-up effects artist. She had been saving money for a while and had about $3,000 put away.

Her mom was not encouraging, telling her she’d never actually go. And her stepfather seems controlling and creepy.

One day, she comes home to put more money away, and it’s all gone. It comes out that her stepfather took it. Her mom doesn’t seem phased and tells her to get over it. When Shauna tells her that he had been raping her from ages 8 to 16, she’s unphased again. That’s because she knew. So, Shauna stabs her and her stepfather.

Clark calls off Shauna’s execution after she shows him this, just before she’s killed by sunlight.

Yes, they die by sunlight. And why aren’t they called vampires? According to Dr. Lear, because they’re scientists and vampires aren’t real.

In the real world, the news is reporting that Brad was killed. But we know he’s very much alive.

Now that Amy and Brad are in custody of Project Noah, Amy’s only request is to have Brad stay with her. So, he’s with her when they give her the needle to start her testing.

But Brad is way too smart to stay put. He figures out a way to go exploring and comes upon the blood-sucking subjects. That’s where Dr. Lear and Brad meet for the first time, and he tells him about the experimentations.

After Brad encounters Fanning, he has his first dream – nightmare.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Lila calls all the prisons where the death row inmates were before they were recruited for Project Noah. The only one that would give her any information was Shauna’s. The person she talks to tells Lila that she didn’t die at the prison, which was reported to the public.

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Lila also is staying in a hotel with Lacey, who’s still alive! I knew it!

So, will Lila be able to get the word out about Project Noah? Will Brad and Amy escape?

I guess we’ll find out more next week!

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