Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4, episode 10 recap: Kimmy Finds a Liar!


On the previous episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we took a deep dive into what might have been if circumstances had been different for Kimmy and the gang.

On episode 10 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s fourth season, “Kimmy Finds a Liar!” we’re back with the characters as we know and love them. The episode opens with Kimmy asking Jacqueline to represent her because she wants to get her kids’ book on Oprah’s Book Club.

Jacqueline does a web search for Kimmy’s book and actually finds one listing. It says that K.C. Schmidt is scheduled to do a reading at Daryl’s Bridal — an event Kimmy clearly knows nothing about. The picture of K.C. isn’t of Kimmy. It’s Fran Dodd the men’s rights activists she met (and arm wrestled) in the first half of season 4.

At the apartment, Lillian walks in on Titus preparing for a meeting with Jacqueline that she’s promised will change his life. Lillian ignores a call from Sheba, her ex-boyfriend Archie’s daughter. Lillian was put in charge of Sheba’s trust and Sheba’s constantly contacting her for more money for zany ideas.

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At their meeting, Jacqueline presents Titus with that life-changing opportunity. It’s a fake celebrity PR relationship. The celebrity is Tad Frye, the host of an HGTV renovation show. He’s straight but needs to look gay for his fan base and Titus would be the perfect cover. Titus agrees. It’ll make Mikey jealous.

Kimmy finds Fran Dodd at the bridal shop where he works. He had no idea Kimmy was K.C. Schmidt. According to him, K and C are usually boys’ letters. Kimmy also shares that “the vowels are the girls.”  Dodd explains he started taking credit for her book accidentally. He was at a store stealing books to burn at a men’s rights rally when he stumbled on one of the copies of her book that she’d been dropping on shelves all over town.

It fell out of his bag when he got back to the office and one of his female co-workers started reading it. She loved it and Dodd took the credit for it so he could go out with her. He doesn’t want the truth to come out because he’d lose his new girlfriend, who also set up the reading.

Kimmy says she isn’t going to let him trick some girl but Dodd swears he’s nice now because of her book. As he lists how her book changed his life Kimmy hesitates until his girlfriend drags him away for the reading.

Later, Titus finds Mikey at his construction site. He cancels their plans that evening and informs Mikey he’s going out with his boyfriend Tad. Mikey knows who Tad is and he’s impressed so Titus invites Mikey and his boyfriend, Andrew, on a double date with them.

Meanwhile, Lillian gets a call from an unknown number. It’s a sheriff’s department in Nevada. Sheba’s been arrested. Lillian’s annoyed and doesn’t want to bail her out until Sheba tells her they’re having Nevada pizza for dinner, Lillian relents and says she’ll figure out how to get her the bail money.

At Titus and Mikey’s double date that night, Titus talks up his fake romance with Tad. Mikey looks jealous. Andrew gets a call and excuses himself and Titus and Tad take the opportunity to ask Mikey about his relationship. He and Andrew have been together for about a year. Mikey realizes it’s too long to be dating.

At the apartment, Kimmy seeks the wisdom of Lillian. She wants to know if a bad person can really change and become a good person. Lillian informs her that people don’t change.

Titus walks in with the newspaper, which prominently features a photo of him and Tad. But Lillian sees something else in the photo. Sheba’s sitting behind Tad. She wasn’t in Nevada after all. She scammed Lillian.

Lillian knows that instead of bail, Sheba used the money to start a year-round Halloween store. Lillian vows to shut the whole enterprise down.

At the Halloween store, Kimmy has a potty emergency after seeing a plastic pumpkin bucket. She realizes that if she’s still having the same reaction she did to them in the bunker after two years of therapy people really don’t change. Kimmy’s bathroom issues launch a full-scale fight between Lillian and Sheba which lands both of them in jail.

In the holding cell, Lillian tells Sheba that Artie’s rolling in his grave. But Sheba insists she’s the way she is because of Artie: she’ll always look like a failure compared to him no matter what she does. Lillian tells Sheba about a time when Artie failed. She explains the difference between her and her father isn’t that he was perfect, it’s that he took responsibility when he made a mistake and she doesn’t.

Kimmy finds Dodd at a men’s rights rally. He insists he only goes to them to see his old friends now. Kimmy tells him she understands it’s hard to change but he has to work on it even when his girlfriend’s not around. He needs to choose between his girlfriend and the men’s rights activists. He says he’ll choose his girlfriend. Kimmy insists he doesn’t just tell her but show it. He gets up in front of the men’s rights crowd and tells them “the future is female” and “Beyoncé is queen.”The men start chanting “Fran is a girl’s name.”

At Sheba’s trial after her fight with Lillian, the judge makes it clear that he’s on Sheba’s side because of her family connections. He also knows about Lillian’s shady track record, so he believes Sheba isn’t responsible for what happened. Sheba considers things, then she does something she hasn’t done before: she takes responsibility and confesses the fight was her fault.

Lillian declares it’s a wrap. It turns out the whole thing was a set up that Lillian paid for with the part of Sheba’s trust fund that’s earmarked for education. Sheba is inspired by the experience to make the world a better place.

Titus and Tad are on another date with Mikey and Andrew. Mikey interrupts Titus serenading Tad to inform Andrew that he’s realized they’ve been dating too long. Titus is thrilled. He’s sure Mikey’s about to dump Andrew. To his shock, Mikey proposes instead. Andrew says yes. Titus, claiming to be inspired, proposes to Tad. Tad refuses since he doesn’t even know Titus and he’s in love with his wife. Titus is mortified.

Later, Kimmy and Lillian watch as Sheba volunteers with a children’s charity. Kimmy realizes many people in her life are changing and trying to improve but her life’s gotten safe. She returns to the apartment and makes a decision. It’s time for her to see the world.

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She marches into her boss’s office and quits. He closes the door and whispers that she shouldn’t quit until next week because they’re going to be millionaires.

Only two episodes left in the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! We’ll have the recap for episode 11 out soon. In the meantime, take a look at our recap of episode 9 and stream the entire series on Netflix.

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