Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, episode 4 recap: Four Movements


Brooklyn Nine-Nine says farewell to Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) on tonight’s episode, “Four Movements.” In true Gina-fashion, she says goodbye by imparting wisdom and gifts. She also gives Mario Lopez the reality check of his life.

“Four Movements” was written by Phil Augusta Jackson (Key and Peele) and it was directed by Luke Del Tredici (The Life and Times of Tim). It splits up Gina’s farewell into four movements, which is a nod to interpretive dance. Before the Oscars got rid of hosts, they would have this interpretive dance section that would always happen after the opening monologue. You knew there was meaning in those dances. Tonight’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine gives the meaning we’ve always needed.

But, for real, this was a funny episode. An imposter Gina clearly does a dance in the Nine-Nine meeting room. It’s clearly not Gina. We see the real Gina thank this counterfeit Gina behind a chalkboard. After this, Gina announces her two-week notice and promises everyone a personal goodbye.

Movement One

Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) has his weekly chess match with Gina. He agreed to teach her how to play chess if she would teach him to trash talk. That agreement was made four years ago. Gina has never beaten Holt. But Holt has gotten better at trash talking. Terry (Terry Crews) is the unfortunate receiver of some choice trash talking.

Meanwhile, Holt tries to convince Gina that she’s making the wrong decision by leaving her job without any plans. Gina argues that waiting for the best time to leave could make her miss out on everything. Holt comes back with some trash talk and tells Gina that it is always better to stick to a life plan with goals.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Four Movements-Courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC

Gina counters with the harsh truth that Holt had planned on becoming Commissioner, but that didn’t work, despite meticulous planning. If this sounds like a straight-up conversation, it is. The comedy comes from the trash talking which I really can’t repeat here. And the gift is convincing Holt that Gina is making the right decision. And, it’s to let Holt know that he’s not a failure even though he failed to make Commissioner.

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In a move that completely ignores the rules of chess, Gina moves her pawn someplace on the board and declares checkmate. She keeps the pawn as a trophy.

Movement Two

Amy (Melissa Fumero) wants to have lunch with just her, Gina, and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz). Amy is shocked at how calm and out of it Rosa is about Gina leaving. Gina decides that her gift to Amy will be to teach her to be less emotional.

At lunch, Amy presents Gina with a gift of her own: a binder that is about a foot thick. In it? Every tweet that Gina has ever tweeted. Even though it cost Amy $75 worth of her best arts and crafts glue, Gina is not impressed. She tells Amy it is pathetic. They walk back to the alley behind the Nine-Nine. Gina instructs Amy to throw her gift into Hitchcock’s (Dirk Blocker) flaming burn barrel. Of course Hitchcock has a burn barrel.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Four Movements-Courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC

Amy considers throwing her work into the burn barrel, but turns on Gina and says that she refuses to feel her emotions. She will not burn Gina’s tweets. Gina tells her that this is her Gina-moment. She wanted Amy to know that she should be comfortable living her best life the way she wants to live it. This makes Rosa get emotional and the three share a group hug.

Movement Three

Jake (Andy Samberg) is not able to secure the MET for Gina’s going away party. This is largely due to the fact that it costs $12 million to reserve the MET. Instead, the two decide to try and get a celebrity. Thanks to Terry’s security friends, they get a lead on AC Slater himself, Mario Lopez.

In order to ask Lopez to come to Gina-Rama, Jake and Gina have to gain access to the exclusive club that he’s at. They can’t get in as public servants, so they dress like the richest of rich folk. After using the elaborate “Let’s call Daddy” trip on the dude at the main desk, they get into the club. But, they still need to get past security.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Four Movements-Courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC

The diversion is Jake running straight at security, who do this combo clothesline/bodyslam thing with Jake’s tiny body. Gina gets passed security and invites Lopez to Gina-Rama. She tells him it is a benefit for malnourished malaria monkeys.

It works! Mario Lopez shows up at Gina-Rama. And, Gina promptly tells him that the bar is at capacity. Lopez watches Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) walk in with homemade pigs in a blanket. Jake is horrified when Lopez leaves. Gina tells him that this is his Gina-moment. Jake doesn’t need something special like a celebrity to make someone feel special. Family is the best celebrity. Plus, Gina always wanted to tell a celebrity to get lost.

Mario Lopez comes back into the bar. He says it’s raining outside and asks if he can wait at the bar. Emboldened, Jake tells Mario Lopez to get out.

Movement Four

Terry is the only person who didn’t receive a Gina-moment. He’s hurt. But then something magical happens. Gina keeps showing up for work. Under the guise of saging her wisdom out of the office because it’s not free, Gina shows up the entire week. Everyone, mostly Terry, thinks Gina has cold feet.

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We find out that delivery on a Gina statue was late, which caused her to show up until it arrived and was installed. Sure, its hair looks like its wearing conditioner, its jeans looks cheap, its fingers look like a sausage, but the statue will always be in the Nine-Nine. And Gina got Terry a subscription to yogurts of the world. Australian yogurt is waiting for him in the fridge. Terry has never had Australian yogurt. It is the gift of love.

With that, we said goodbye to Gina. Will you miss her character? Are you enjoying this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Let’s discuss in the comments!