You’re The Worst season 5, episode 5 recap: A Very Good Boy


You’re the Worst is finally starting the slow descent to the most anticipated bad wedding day ever.

Jimmy used to lash out, verbally and with a good petty theft, when he was feeling infringed upon Now engaged with a steady income and a paid off house, Jimmy is nothing but a good, stable boy person man thing, and that doesn’t really do it for Gretchen these days. Then again, what does, or ever did?

Gretchen admits to her boss that she was ill prepared for her job or for dealing with stability being an expectation. Jimmy’s stability and success are what Gretchen is aiming for now, not just a Jimmy.

If the hints and few numbers of episodes left suggest anything, it’s that Gretchen will try to use Nock Nock as a conduit into success, but likely is a catapult out of her relationship.

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While Gretchen and Jimmy seem to be losing deep visceral connection, Edgar and Lindsey are giving up on their relationship though they were perfect for each other 90% of the time, and 100% of the time they were naked together.

Lindsey saw her sister happy, in her own way with cheese balls, and Lindsey wants that instead of what is making her happy. Stealing other people’s light is not sustainable happiness, but Lindsey never learns.

Each couple should do what they are good at, what makes them happy and comfortable. Going on staid dates has never been something Lindsey or Edgar enjoyed. Edgar and Lindsey are trying to do a relationship date in a contemporary sense, but they need to lean into their friends with benefits situation instead of end it.

How many people have been as happy as those two for the last few years? Edgar hasn’t been in the gym in a year but looks great thanks to Lindsey workouts.

Instead of setting boundaries, Lindsey is trying to steal some thunder. She is only breaking up with Edgar because she saw her sister’s happiness and wondered “how is that world living in her apartment?”

It seems only Jimmy and Edgar recognize you can have your success and a significant other at the same time. In fact, a man might find a higher sense of enlightenment in the stability afforded in such an arrangement. Instead, Jimmy finds himself with nothing but an epiphany and oral sex from a punk girl in a rotten bathroom.

Gretchen and Jimmy have each gotten a bug of over-analysis and negative behaviors due to doubt. Grethen doubts herself as a person, Jimmy doubts his own delusions that he is a truly bad man. He never was bad, just quick with the sharpened verbal knives and dialogue gymnastics to eviscerate some minor annoyance in his life.

Jimmy can’t even litter without feeling bad. Jimmy isn’t made for these streets, these hards streets filled with kids who call out adults for littering. Jimmy’s stomach is shambles because he literally can’t handle the taste of the street food. Jimmy is better at girlie stuff and can’t take a stand for his bad side self.

Gretchen can only take a stand for herself if there is an immediate payout, like her own office and toilet. How was Gretchen hired? She was just an assistant doing cocaine, celebrities, and wasting time not believing in herself. Her boss was the same way and can see straight through the tears to diagnose the problem.

“Bad mom huh?”

Gretchen cannot really love Jimmy. She does not love herself. She does not believe in the marriage, not in her half. If Gretchen really does learn to love herself and strives to be great as a publicist, she will be a different person than who Jimmy fell in love with and vice versa.

Gretchen has Nock Nock and Jimmy is trying to be a badass with a punk rock florist, and for a moment finds her inner party animal.

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Will the guilt will wreck good boy Jimmy?  Will the freedom from his attempts to rectify the mistake will release Gretchen from the engagement? Seems that it is in the cards.

The fun of You’re the Worst has never been seeing he cards all scattered after 52 card pickup. The fun of You’re the Worst has always been watching the first moments of teetering right as the house of cards begins to fall.