You’re the Worst season 5, episode 3 recap: The One Thing We Don’t Talk About


Jimmy and Gretchen are brutally honest with the world and each other, but sometimes not to themselves. This week, the You’re the Worst couple had to deal with insecurities that have gone unmentioned for years.

Jimmy and Gretchen were both self-described anti-relationship types when they met on You’re the Worst. The wedding planning efforts to date have been disingenuous and unorthodox-ed. With the date now set, plans of the permanent nature need to be squared away. However, marriage is about trust among other things, and how can Jimmy and Gretchen get hitched, when they still cannot be fully honest?

It even goes beyond simple truths. Jimmy and Gretchen are wholly irresponsible adults in far too many areas and on almost every occasion. Other people’s weddings really bring out the juvenile, talk-out-of-turn brashness that is checked by adults with manners and common courtesy. Thankfully Jimmy and Gretchen see that are superficial nonsense, and bust out the unfiltered truth bombs in every conversation.

With marriage, the real dirt comes to the forefront. Money problems cause trouble for many newlyweds, but Gretchen has solved the money and credit problem. When one card stops working, you get another one. It’s all fake numbers and the bills just roll over or disappear or something. By something, that means the numbers grow because interest exists, and the charges don’t disappear. Jimmy is now wondering how much debt he is saddled with in this lovely union.

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Edgar is finally speaking up, and getting noticed on You’re the Worst. Edgar may not want the attention nor the attempts to ply him with six bean soup. The promotion and attention from the boss is looking to be more perilous than a drunk night with Lindsey.

Even a sober Lindsey is dangerous. Gretchen shows her a picture of the wedding venue, which is harmless. Except Lindsey wants to see it and is spitball ideas that all great maids of honor must execute on the big day, like slipping a Xanax to the mean old mothers that we do not talk about. Judging from Gretchen reactions at the mere mention, fans can assume this conversation and problem remains unfinished and unresolved.

Gretchen is not even telling her mother she is about to be married. Butt ulcers cannot be wiped away like butt sweat. Lindsey can only keep so many things in order. Gretchen’s fancy bathroom is not one of those things.

Lindsey is tired of Gretchen’s procrastination with wedding plans and with calling her mother to invite her to the wedding. It was cute when Gretchen defends Jimmy and his green card. Gretchen won’t be defending the movie made from Jimmy’s book since the links to Kitty will be so obvious.

Jimmy is not ‘Team Kitty’ in the movie. These movie types don’t even know the protagonist from their proctology jokes!

Lindsey is a wonderful nagging mother. The devolving of the practice conversation though is nothing. Gretchen gets progressively worse as a brooding drunk, making out with strangers, puking, and assaulting randoms with beer bottles to the head. At some point, Gretchen is going to have to confront those demons and actions. No way Jimmy is cool with that at the wedding reception.

If she does confront her demons with Jimmy or her mother present, the chances for a nuclear level end increases. Both Gretchen and Jimmy can sharpen the verbal knives, and Gretchen had to inherit some of her venom from her mother. Gretchen is beginning to expose some of her worst traits.

When they all coming spilling out at once, will anyone feel bad for Gretchen? She has taken a slightly more negative turn this season. Jimmy has matured since he left her stranded, but Gretchen keeps doing the same immature and thoughtless nonsense. She then either takes it out on others, creates collateral damage, or has someone else pay for damages. Especially if none of her credit cards work.

Jimmy may be a dismissive prick on the surface but he does care about people. He has a special place in his heart for redemption, from his dad to his exes. Gretchen’s problems go way deeper and are more personal, because she may truly hate herself. She is not as capable of loving Jimmy and much as Jimmy loves her. In the toughest moments, Gretchen’s self-esteem drops faster than the value of Edgar’s Yeezys.

Gretchen finally called her mother, and things went fine. The wedding plans didn’t cause any drama, but Gretchen did not tell her mom the true identity of the groom. Things are definitely not going to keep going smoothly on You’re the Worst.

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Jimmy has his family to deal with, while Gretchen just made the wedding surprise argument even worse by lying. Gretchen hired Lindsey instead of the best Rachel for the job. Lindsey took the mother call situation and leaned into the hostility. The interviewing Rachel sorted the cigarettes and cell phone for the post-drunk rampage recovery, then gave Gretchen encouragement to call her mom. Cutler’d in the end, Gretchen may have that same fate coming to her.

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