2 Dope Queens season 2 premiere recap: Fashion


Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, the 2 Dope Queens, are back! The season premiere featured a Dope Queens deep dive on fashion, comedy from Janine Brito, Solomon Georgio, and Jamie Lee, plus a hair braiding contest with Lupita Nyong’o.

The theme for this episode of 2 Dope Queens was fashion. Jessica and Phoebe ended up sporting a couple lewks, which both slayed. The deep dive into fashion was exactly what this episode needed.

Boobs were a major part of the discussion. It wasn’t a guy type discussion where questions about what size is better were constantly asked. This was more about appreciating what you got and the yearning for the boobs that you always wanted.

No fashion discussion is complete without talking about Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Halle Berry. Remember the hype around Halle Berry being topless in Swordfish? Then you watch the movie and the scene happens. And. They’re just there. In the most unrealistic situation ever. Ugh.

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I’m happy Jessica and Phoebe are back. I have no reason to believe this, but based on their podcast, this show, and Phoebe Robinson’s Instagram, I feel like they’re my friends. They’ve been gone too long.

Lupita Nyong’o

Fashion icon Lupita Nyong’o walked out on stage to thunderous applause and promptly said she wasn’t always so fashionable. No one believes that. Now or ever. Since Nyong’o is known to be an expert hair braider, Jessica and Phoebe challenged her to a hair braiding contest.

2 Dope Queens-Fashion-Courtesy of Anna Webber/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue

Nyong’o accepted the challenge and three mannequin heads were rolled out on stage. Everyone knew how this would go when Nyong’o asked what kind of braids they would be making and Jessica and Phoebe were like, the braids kind of braids.

The interview continued during the contest. Nyong’o was careful to comment on her upcoming film, Us, because she was afraid that she would say too much while she was caught up in the braiding. Phoebe knew she was falling far behind Nyong’o and Jessica, but she still asked, “So. You’re the spokesperson for Lancome. What’s it like? Having your face. On all those billboards. [Expletive]. [Expletive]. [Expletive]. [Expletive]. [Expletive].”

Jessica named her mannequin head Jennifer Who Wants to be Called Nala. She’s quirky, she’s black, and she’s probably going to get passed over because she’s a girl. Phoebe’s mannequin head was named Renee. She’s been through some stuff. Originally into Insane Clown Posse, Renee found Solange and is now into poetry. Her hair features a top knot and a lovely mullet-moment. Nyongo’s mannequin head was named Tess. A woman who knows that all you have to do to get what you want in life is to dress for it. As is the case in all things, Lupita Nyong’o won the contest.

Janine Brito

Janine Brito started doing standup comedy in St. Louis. She’s appeared in SF Sketchfest, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. She was also a correspondent for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

2 Dope Queens-Fashion-Courtesy of Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO

Brito’s set started with her identifying her current fashion as surviving Trump’s America. She’s very warm and conversational, which allows her to discuss loneliness in honest ways. For example, she got so lonely that she developed a very creative way to eat Activia. It was the kind of honest funny that had the audience low growling with laughter for a good 35 seconds after the tag.

She talks about how she waited to come out until she was almost out of college. You know. The time when all the fun is over. When she finally did come out to her family, Brito didn’t exactly get the reaction she was expecting.

Janine Brito is not currently touring, but you should keep an eye out for her. She really does make a connection with the audience. Plus she’s funny AF.

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee currently writes for and stars on Crashing. She also wrote for the Pete Holmes Show andTeachers. Lee comes out firing on her fashion-related topic: makeup. She asks the serious questions like, do women need to sleep in grass in order to obtain the perfect skin?

2 Dope Queens-Fashion-Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lee also talks about how Halloween is her least favorite holiday because everyone starts complaining about how long and complicated the makeup process is. Like, this her life. Don’t complain, bro. You’re doing it for one day and it doesn’t even have to look on point.

Also, in the #MeToo era, what would it be like if cat-callers turned into socially conscious men commenting on outdated and forced expectations on women. It would be wild, man. Wild and funny. Check out Jamie Lee on tour. You’ll be happy you did.

Solomon Georgio

Listen up. Solomon Georgio was fashion. He walked out on stage dressed like an updated version of Vincent Price or Peter Cushing from one of the good old Hammer horror films. He was wearing eye shadow in the same way that a lot of football players cover up their face with eye black. Except this was a fierce mix of black, purple, and 3D glitter. It was like something Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) would see off in the distance in season one of True Detective. Sorry. I’ve always noticed good eye shadow. It’s my thing.

Georgio slayed his standup set, as well. He discusses the type of year he’s having so far. He also talks about proper locker room etiquette, which does not include eating fruit while the fruit of your looms is out in the open. He closes out by giving a solid reason why everyone should always listen, believe, and promote women of color.

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Solomon Georgio currently writes for Crashing. You should go check him out live if you get the opportunity. If you like comics that can’t help being funny, this is your guy.

Did you catch the season premiere of 2 Dope Queens? Are you ready for next week’s flashback theme? Let’s discuss in the comments!