White Dragon season 1, episode 2 recap


On the second episode of White Dragon, things pick up with Jonah at the police station to present the voice mail from Megan that he finally heard at the end of the last episode.

Detective Inspector Daniel Tsui, the same police officer that casually threw away crucial evidence in the last episode says he’ll have the voice mail analyzed so we know that’ll wind up going nowhere.

Meanwhile, Michael Cohen meets with his editor to discuss his latest story. The editor is less than pleased with what he has read saying there’s not much the story actually amounts to other than finger pointing.

Michael insists he’s on to something and that Megan is at the center of it and it’s probably less than a coincidence that she was married to David Chen, who it turns out is a disgraced ex-cop.

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Nevertheless, the editor refuses to publish until he brings something more substantial.

Meanwhile, Sally meets with her boss Arthur (Black Adder’s Tim McInnerny) to discuss the Chief Executive race.  One of Xo’s opponent’s thanks to an article from Michael has gotten himself caught up in a drugs and prostitution scandal.

The way it was written makes it obvious to them that Michael’s information came from someone in the consulate and more importantly it’ll show the consulate has been digging up dirt on Xo’s opponents.  Their next task then is to figure out the leak in the consulate.

Jonah goes to visit David to inform him of the voicemail and asks is she also left him a message.  When Jonah voices his suspicions about Megan’s death, David is pretty skeptical saying that there should’ve been a bullet wound if she was shot and implores Jonah to let it go and go home.

Later that night Sally is out with her fiance Ben, where she notices him talking to Xo’s now tarnished opponent Shiabo.  From there she’s able to conclude that Ben stole her consulate information on Shiabo and sold it to the press.

Lau, having overheard part of her father’s conversation with Jonah, decides to track him down and ask how Jonah and her mother knew each other.  Jonah is shocked to find out Megan even had a daughter and other than telling her they were married though he’s in no real mental condition to say anything.

David goes to ask one his old cop friends, Felix if he’s seen Megan’s body and mentions Jonah’s claim about hearing a gunshot.  Felix says he’s been told by Tsui to leave the case alone. This makes David suspicious enough to want to see Megan’s body. David’s suspicions come too late however as the body is revealed to be missing.

Naturally, this latest bit of news leaves Jonah pretty pissed off and to make matters worse the voice mail has been edited with the audio of the gunshot taken out, pretty much making it clear there’s a conspiracy with Megan’s death and Tsui is in on it.

Jonah then goes to meet with Lau again so he can play the message she left for him to see if there’s a clue in it for her.  She mentions Megan might’ve been talking a restaurant. Jonah wants to check the place out but Lau insists on going with him saying he’ll never find it on his own.

Sally goes home to her apartment to find Ben having apparently committed suicide in their bathroom.

Meanwhile, David visits an underground casino to confront the gambling-addicted coroner that examined Megan’s body about what he knows who eventually admits to seeing the gunshot wound on Megan but then says that David already knew that.

Lau takes Jonah to the restaurant but it’s been boarded up and abandoned so Lau decides to break in.  Inside the restaurant, there are several of what appear to be Megan’s photographs including one of her and Jonah.

This all ends up being too much for Lau, who leaves Jonah at the restaurant and goes to the Lei Club.  There she meets up with Becky, the protester she met in jail. Lau vents to her a little bit about her frustrations with her mother and Jonah, at which point the two start making out which is being photographed by an unseen person.

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The police offer Sally their condolences on Ben’s death and advise her to stay somewhere else while they investigate his suicide.  As they leave she notices several missed calls on Ben’s cell phone. When she calls the number they turn out to be from Michael who offers to meet with Sally so they can piece together what’s going on.  Sally hangs up without giving him an answer.

Jonah continues to search around the restaurant for some clues and after a while, he finds a couple of fake passports made for Megan and Lau.

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