Counterpart canceled by STARZ. Indigo really did close the crossing.


Mira is getting her wish. The Crossing looks to be closing for good. Counterpart has been canceled by STARZ. Does the show have a chance on another network?

Per a report from Deadline, STARZ has canceled Counterpart after two seasons. It’s a cruel example of life imitating art. The central plot of the second season has been Indigo’s quest to get The Crossing between dimensions, the key feature of the show, closed for good.

Oh. They also want to kill hundreds of millions of people as retribution for biological warfare. But, Counterpart is canceled!

In recent weeks, Counterpart improved in both its ratings and key demo numbers. But, per TV Series Finale, those improvements came after a rough start to the season.

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The show’s rating among the coveted 18-49-year-old viewer is currently down 50% when compared to last season. Counterpart is averaging 235,000 overall live views, which is down close to 40% when compared to last season.

Deadline also reported that MRC, Counterpart’s production company, has tried to shop the show to other networks. The cast extended their contracts till February 1 in order to keep themselves attached to the show.

But, so far, no networks have picked it up and cast members may start to get other jobs. Harry Lloyd, who plays Peter Quayle, has already landed the role of Professor X on the third and final season of FX’s Legion.

This is not a good outlook for Counterpart. It would not work on network television. I don’t see one of the other premium cable channels saving it. So, we have to look towards streaming.

It’s probably not “pop” enough for Netflix. Hulu may have met their dystopian alternate reality quota with The Handmaid’s Tale. So all hopes may lie with Amazon, who saved The Expanse last year.

Counterpart-Howard Silk-Courtesy of STARZ

The positive in all of this is that MRC really believes in the show, as does its cast. I genuinely hope Counterpart gets picked up somewhere because I have a feeling that next week’s season finale won’t tie up every loose end.

Last night’s “You to You” set the stage for Mira (Christiane Paul) to get The Crossing closed and launch the München Flu Prime on Dimension One.

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Counterpart is worth saving. The writing and direction have been even better in season two, which is quite a feat. Plus, when your lead actor is Oscar winner J.K. Simmons and he’s surrounded by talents like Olivia Williams, Nazanin Boniadi, Harry Lloyd, Betty Gabriel, Sara Serraiocco, Nicholas Pinnock, and James Cromwell you should keep that company together.

Are you surprised that Counterpart was canceled? Will you be watching the series finale next week? Let’s discuss in the comments!