Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy casts 7 including Leslie Bibb, Matt Lanter, & Josh Duhamel


Jupiter’s Legacy, the superhero series from Netflix, has cast Leslie Bibb (Tag), Josh Duhamel (Transformers), Ben Daniels (The Crown), Elena Kampouris (Sacred Lies), and Andrew Horton (How to Talk to Girls at Parties) as series leads.

The series is based on the Jupiter’s Legacy graphic novels by Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely and was created by Steven S. DeKnight (Marvel’s Daredevil). Netflix plans to produce several series and films based on Millar’s stories, and Jupiter’s Legacy is the first.

Also, cast in the series was Matt Lanter (Timeless) and Mike Wade (For the People).

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Jupiter’s Legacy is the story of the first super-powered individuals from the 1930s. In the present day, their feats are legendary, a legacy that their superpowered children are having a hard time living up to.

Duhamel, Bibb, Daniels, Kampouris, and Horton play the Sampson family. Duhamel is patriarch Sheldon Sampson, aka The Utopian, the former leader of The Union, a team of superheroes. He’s having trouble adjusting to the values of the world today — and those of his family.

Bibb plays Sheldon’s wife, Grace Sampson, aka Lady Liberty, one of the world’s most powerful heroes. She’s the peacemaker of her family, attempting to balance Sheldon’s idealistic views with the reality of the modern world.

Daniels portrays Sheldon’s older brother Walter Sampson, aka Brain-Wave, who isn’t afraid to use his skills to mix it up in a way his brother wouldn’t.

Kampouris is Sheldon and Grace’s daughter, Chloe, and Horton is their son, Brandon. Chloe rejects their parents’ legacy, while Brandon embraces it. Chloe’s determination to go her own way threatens what her parents protect. Meanwhile, Brandon is training to take over his father’s role as The Utopian but is having trouble filling his shoes.

Lanter is George Hutchence, aka Skyfox, a former friend and ally of The Union who eventually turned against the team and became the world’s greatest supervillain.

Finally, Wade plays Fitz Small, aka The Flare, a valued member of The Union and the glue that holds the team together, despite his superhero career ending after an injury.

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DeKnight will write and direct the first episode and will be the series’ showrunner. He will also serve as executive producer along with Millar, Quitely, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and Dan McDermott.

As part of the Millar deal, Netflix also plans to produce American Jesus, a show about a 12-year-old boy who learns he’s Jesus Christ, and the movies Empress, Huck, and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter.

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(Source: Deadline)