A Million Little Things: First look at Chandler Riggs’ character


After surviving the zombie apocalypse, Chandler Riggs is heading to A Million Little Things to handle matters of the heart.

A Million Little Things has managed to gather a fanbase over the course of its premiere season. This love and support is what has garnered the show’s season two renewal. We can’t help but wonder what the show would be without the Jon mystery, but the show hasn’t let us down so far so we’ll keep the faith. As the show chugs along towards the season one finale, there are still a couple of surprises in store for viewers.

One of these surprises comes in the form of The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs who will be heading to A Million Little Things for a character arc. Not much is known about who he will be playing, but his character, PJ, will cross paths with Rome in some capacity. These two characters meeting will hold special meaning for both of them and continue to build on Rome’s path to self-discovery.

TVLine released an exclusive first look at Riggs’ in the upcoming episode. Take a look below!

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Riggs’ first A Million Little Things episode will be on Thursday, Feb. 21st during which Maggie will be undergoing surgery and a surprise visit from her mother will not bode well for Gary. Naturally, this is going to be a very emotional episode for everyone so we are interested to see what role Riggs will play in all of it, and which characters (besides Rome) he may interact with.

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This will be Riggs’ first appearance since his character, Carl, died on The Walking Dead about a year ago. He reflects on his exit as something he felt was best for his career and the overall story of the series. And while he may no longer be the beloved one-eyed cowboy hat-wearin’ Carl, we are so excited to see him on A Million Little Things!

Check out Chandler Riggs’ A Million Little Things debut on Feb. 21st at 10 PM EST on ABC!