Chandler Riggs to star in ABC’s A Million Little Things


From The Walking Dead to ABC’s A Million Little Things, Chandler Riggs is making his mark.

Chandler Riggs has traded in his cowboy hat for a show that is all about the feels. It has been about a year since he left The Walking Dead, and it’s exciting to know that he will be gracing our television screens once again. Coming up later this season on ABC’s A Million Little Things, Riggs will joining for at least two episodes.

He will be playing a character named PJ that will cross paths with Romany Malco’s character, Rome. Based on a report from Deadline, these two characters will bond over their mental health and the fact that they both have faced hardships in life. It’s gearing up to be a very emotional story arc that fans can get excited about.

Chandler Riggs made this announcement on Twitter when he mentioned that he had almost been unemployed for a year, but now is excited to be joining the ABC series (which he did not name in his tweet).

It is an exciting time to join A Million Little Things given its overall premise and the fact that it now airs on Thursday nights, right after Grey’s Anatomy. If there ever was a primetime slot, that would be it. And after premiering its first Thursday night episode, the show went on to get series-high ratings.

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We are excited at the prospect of Chandler Riggs returning to television, albeit temporarily. Given that he will be interacting with the character of Rome is certainly a plus considering Rome is one of the series’ best characters.

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Source: TVLine