Kingdom season 1, episode 4 recap


In episode four of Kingdom, the peasants have been abandoned by their elected officials. The Prince must lead his people to safety while evading both the zombies and the Royal Army. Lord Cho learns of his son’s death and vows merciless revenge.

Yeung-sin sums up the current situation on Kingdom pretty succinctly. The military commanders and elected officials have left on the only ship without even disposing of the bodies. Once the sun sets, the zombies will reawaken. The Prince makes preparations to take the remaining villagers to Jiyulheon to keep them safe for the night. Despite the Prince’s urgent business with Lord Ahn Hyeon, he intends to stay with the peasants to see to their safety.

On the road to the Jiyulheon, they discover great numbers of the zombies hiding in the woods along the path. The sun is close to setting, so the Prince orders everyone to run without stopping until they reach Jiyulheon. The Prince and Muyeung lead the wagons bringing up the rear. Of course, the wagon has an accident along the way and gets stuck in a pothole. Muyeung insists that the Prince must go on ahead to escape the walking zombies.

The Prince stays to struggle with the wagon, saying that he’s different from those other leaders who abandoned their people. Sounds like the Prince is becoming a true leader and not just a spoiled noble inciting treason in order to save his own neck. The Prince’s determination inspires strength in the others and together they move the wagon. It’s a close call, but they outrun the zombies and make it through the gates with the wagons. The Prince and the villagers guard the doors, prepared to fight them off if it gives way.

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Meanwhile, on the ship set for Sangju, the army commander’s mother has smuggled his dead body onto the ship. Once the sun sets he escapes the trunk she packed him in and starts attacking the passengers. Such delightful poetic justice on Kingdom. The people at Jiyulheon survive the night without event. The Prince is exhausted, but is deeply moved by the thanks he receives from the peasants for saving their lives.

He tells Muyeung to arrange food for the people to eat, but there is almost nothing to have. When some playing children hit the Prince with a rope ball, he orders the children to be brought to him. Everyone seems to think that the Prince is angry at the offense, but what he actually does is give the children some of his own food to eat. Yeung-sin, who is especially cynical regarding the government and ruling officials, is particularly surprised. He shares his rations with everyone.

The Prince still intends to see Lord Ahn Hyeon in Sangju once everything is over. Yeung-sin overhears and offers to be their guide. He is from Sangju. They have suspicions about him, saying that his skills are better than a common soldier’s. Before they can ask more questions, the Royal Army arrives to arrest the Prince. Muyeong says he will go out and talk to them, but unbeknownst to him, Lord Cho has received the head of his dead son, the Royal Army’s commander that the Prince killed. He vows a merciless revenge. Before Muyeong can even come out, the Royal Army starts shooting arrows over the walls, indiscriminately attacking the villagers.

The Prince is devastated to see the people he just saved brutally shot down because of his own treason. His blandly unaffected face shows some anger at last. The Prince and Muyeong lead the soldiers away while Yeung-sin and Seobi eliminate the few that stay behind. They take the opportunity to lead the villagers away to safety. A young girl is among those killed by the soldiers and Seobi takes the time to lay her out and cover her respectfully with a tatami mat. After Muyeong misleads and evades the soldiers, the four of them meet back up and ride together to Sangju. Unfortunately, the Royal Army knows exactly where they’re going.

Back in Hanyang, the signal fires finally reach them and cause a panic. The scholars assemble to see the King but their way is barred. Lord Cho, knowing that the scholars cannot be dissuaded from their mission, takes them to see the King. Just before they enter the King’s chambers, the Queen arrives to order them to leave.

Lord Cho insists that they can’t hide the King’s illness any longer. Just before the sun sets, Lord Cho brings the scholars close to the King and tells them the signal fires were lit due to the spread of a zombie disease. He shows them the zombie King reasoning that the fact that he is a zombie doesn’t change the fact that he is the King. He then confronts the lead scholar with his treason with the Prince and has him arrested.

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The Queen is confused by Lord Cho’s actions, but his recklessness is explained when he tells her of her brother’s – his son’s – death. He vows the Prince and all his followers will die. He warns her that anyone who gets in his way will not be forgiven. He tells her never to try to stop him again. And that she better have a son, or else all their plans to inherit the throne are ruined. As if she could control the gender of her child.

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