A Million Little Things season 1, episode 15 recap: The Rock


Gary attempts to help Maggie tackle her bucket list while Catherine and Eddie face an unexpected situation in A Million Little Things.

A Million Little Things is nearing the end of its premiere season and the Barbara Morgan mystery is still looming over our heads. But this week takes a minor break takes from the whole Jon ordeal (thank goodness!) and focuses more on everyone else.

Maggie’s surgery is coming up, and in the spirit of living it up before then, Maggie and Gary decide to tackle her bucket list. However, things get in the way when all their friends end up needing their help throughout the day.

After going through chemo, Maggie now has an 80% chance of things working out in her favor. Which is why she’s eager to go to Plymouth Rock because its a place she often talked to her brother about.

But on their way to the destination, they are distracted three times. Between helping everyone out and trying to get to Plymouth Rock, they don’t manage to make it their during the day, but this doesn’t stop Gary from making the drive out there at night.

Unfortunately, Gary’s decision to YOLO comes after learning that their friend Linda at the chemo center passed away from a pulmonary embolism.

Earlier that day, Gary and Maggie were joking around with and just mere hours later she was gone–and they never got to give her the gift they wanted. Of course, he doesn’t tell Maggie but decides to grant her wish to go to Plymouth Rock instead.

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Meanwhile, somewhere else in A Million Little Things, Katherine and Eddie began their divorce mediation. It has to be said that they are quite the civil couple and amicably agreeing on just about everything.

That is until they have to decide who will be Theo’s guardian in the case of their death. Jon and Delilah were the original choices, but well, that isn’t going to work out now, is it? As they argue back and forth about it, they eventually decide on Gary. He’s the perfect option out of all their friends, and one that Theo would feel the best with.

Before they make this decision, however, Katherine storms off after a fight and gets into a bad car accident. No, she didn’t die, but it scared the crap out of us anyway.

Eddie spent the day taking care of her and even ditched out on meeting with Delilah to shop for car seats. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a feeling Eddie and Katherine may get back together. They do make an awfully adorable couple.


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Rome has a bit of a difficult time this episode when his brother, Omar, shows up and his father ends up pitting them against one another. Matters get more awkward when his father asks if Rome’s brother can stay with Rome and Gina. Rome isn’t too thrilled about this but soon learns that Omar and his wife are getting divorced. Later in the episode, Rome gets in an argument with his father when he keeps praising Omar and demeans Rome for taking anti-depressants.

It’s a rough moment to watch because Rome has been trying to deal with his mental health and hasn’t had much support from anyone but Gina (at least when it comes to family). By the end of the episode, Rome faces his father and tells him that he too needs attention sometimes, even if his father doesn’t think he needs it. And luckily, Rome and Omar have a bonding moment when they discuss Rome’s mental health and how the past year has been one of the most difficult. Aww, brotherly bonding!

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And remember when I said that Barbara Morgan wasn’t really in this episode. Well, she does make a tiny appearance…from the distance…as she’s watching Delilah install the car seat. And now there is someone named Mitch Nelson involved who calls on the phone to tell him that Delilah is pregnant, and it seems like she had no idea. Well, then.

A Million Little Things airs every Thursday on ABC at 10 PM EST!