A Million Little Things season 1, episode 14 recap: Someday


A Million Little Things broke our heart into a million little pieces this week.

A Million Little Things broached a difficult topic in this week’s episode but did it in a commendable manner. This episode was all about Delilah and Regina’s restaurant opening, but of course, it was not without its issues. The liquor license wasn’t approved, and their occupancy license was still being processed, and amidst all that, Regina found out where the money her mother gave her came from.

Regina and her mother were butting heads through most of the episode, something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. However, something broke inside of Regina when she learned that the money for the restaurant came from her uncle. At the time, we had no idea why she was so flustered by it, and it turns out that Rome had no idea either.

When Maggie and Rome confronted Regina, she began to tell them what happened to her as a 12-year old child. There was a dance she wanted to go to, but she wasn’t allowed, and it was a night where she felt really down and lonely. Her uncle came into her room to console her and before Regina knew it she had taken her shirt off. It’s a difficult moment to watch Regina talk about because she feels so ashamed and guilt-ridden over it. She ended up revealing that her uncle had touched her, but tried to take the blame for it.

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Being only 12 years old, Maggie tried to explain to her that she was a victim of sexual assault, and it was her uncle that did something to her. What made the whole situation more complicated was that she tried to tell her mother the next day, but her mother tried to brush it off and had ever since. It all makes sense in the present and it makes sense why Regina is so distant from her mom.

To close this chapter on her life, Regina decided she wanted to go see her uncle, hoping, or rather demanding, that he confess to what he did. But when she got there, she found out that he had just passed away.

Naturally, her mother showed up to take care of everything but when Regina saw her she wanted to leave. It was Maggie who stepped in to say that maybe the reason her mother never supported her was that her uncle probably did this to other young girls–including Regina’s mother.

After confronting her it turns out this truly was the case and identifying it was what ultimately started to repair the fractured relationship between Regina and her mother. A Million Little Things presented us with some heavy stuff this week. And while Regina was off figuring all this out, the restaurant was in shambles. However, Delilah stepped up to the plate and reached out to the handsome man she once met at a gas station. Potential lover, anyone?

It turns out that he has restaurants of his own and has the connections to help them get the licenses they want. He does ultimately come through and it’s apparent that he and Delilah have some sort of spark between them. But Gary is suspicious of this strange man’s intentions and confronts him to find out he’s helping a pregnant widow.


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Speaking of Gary, he’s a hot mess in this week’s episode of A Million Little Things and it all has to do with Maggie’s health. He’s become overbearing, overprotective, and trying to overcompensate by micromanaging everyone’s lives. Whether it is Maggie’s health, Delilah’s possible suitor, or Eddie’s non-existent sex life, he is trying to handle it all. He finally breaks down and admits to Delilah that it’s because he’s scared to lose Maggie, and honestly, we are too.

There is a three-month time jump in the episode and it starts off with Eddie coming back from tour. He’s finally single and free, but Gary is concerned that Eddie hasn’t had sex since Jon died. He makes it his personal mission to help Eddie out and almost succeeds but Eddie puts a stop to it because he’s simply not ready.

Let’s not forget the Barbara Morgan mystery. After getting the address, Gary goes to see if he can find Barbara Morgan but is greeted by a woman claiming that Barbara no longer lives there. Of course, it’s obvious that she is lying and the end of the episode proves it because we see her watching the tape Jon left behind. The private investigator Gary hires locates one art gallery that showed Barbara’s work but it once again led them to the address Gary had been to. They have to realize sooner rather than later that the lady is lying right?

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The entire group went through a lot to get to this point, but the restaurant’s opening night finally arrived. Regina made her way back from the hospital and took over chef duties ASAP. Not only did she tackle her inner demons this week, but she kicked some major butt on opening night. It was an absolute success and people couldn’t rant and rave more about it.

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But there’s still the matter of the money that went into the restaurant, so she told her mom she’s going to sell her share in it and then donate it all to a woman’s shelter. Kudos to Regina for facing her past in such a manner, and taking control of it the way she did (shout out to Maggie). And during all this, Rome decides that he’s going back on anti-depressants because things still aren’t what they should be.

So much to process from this week’s episode, isn’t there? And to think there are only two episodes left in the season. My oh my.

A Million Little Things airs every Thursday on ABC at 10 PM EST!