White Dragon season 1, episode 6 recap


The sixth episode of White Dragon starts with Becky working her day job at a coffee house when she’s approached by her mysterious blackmailer who turns out to be Sally.

She convinces Becky to do her one last “favor” and then their arrangement is over.

Kai is sitting in jail when he gets a visit from a supposed lawyer.  Essentially, Kai is being offered $500,000 to plead guilty, keep his mouth shut and serve a six-year sentence.  Kai says the offer isn’t good enough and tells the lawyer that he knows who he works for and he should tell his boss to make a better deal.

Jonah and David are still sitting together in their jail cell when Chow comes by to give some good news.  The charges against Jonah have been dropped and he’s free to go.

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While David on the other hand, is still being charged with accessory to murder, his bail has been posted through an anonymous payment.  There’s a car waiting for Jonah and David when they leave the station.

Xo is holding a press conference as part of his candidacy when Michael starts asking questions about possible police corruption regarding Megan’s case though Xo mostly deflects the question and ends the conference shortly after.

Jonah and David are taken to a hotel room where it turns out Lau is waiting for them and bingeing on junk food like Macauley Culkin in a Home Alone movie and also admits to paying David’s bail. Naturally, David wants how she’s paying for all of this and she finally admits to her inheritance from Megan.  Lau mentions that the money was paid to Megan the day before she died so the two events are likely connected.

Kai is told he has another visitor but in reality, it’s a setup and he winds up getting shanked.

Michael goes back to work only to find to his frustration that he no longer has a desk and has been reassigned to a puff piece with his editor pulling him off Megan’s story like an angry police captain in a generic cop show.

When they get the news that Kai is dead, Jonah and David go to look into where Megan’s money came from.  They find out the payment was made supposedly to buy a luxury condo and paid for by a company called Third Empire.

Michael decides to break into Ben’s apartment to try to find out anything new but all he really finds is a business card in the trash.

Jonah and David try seeing if they can find anything about Third Empire at Megan’s restaurant hideout when they get a surprise visit from Michael.  Michael hands Jonah the business card before David angrily chases him away.

David goes home to find Lau in an intimate moment with Becky.  After Becky leaves, Lau seems about ready for a shouting match but instead, David is mostly understanding and says if they like each other then that’s all that matters.

Jonah goes to meet with Michael now that David isn’t around to find out what he knows about Megan.  Michael tells him about her meeting Ben right before their respective deaths but he admits he still doesn’t know why they met.  Jonah, in turn, informs him about Third Empire.

Shortly afterward, Michael goes to court where he ends up losing custody of his daughter to Rachel.

Becky meets with Sally to give her a stuffed animal she swiped from Lau’s room.  Becky doesn’t mince words at her disgust at being made to do it and leaves.

Jonah goes to the property bought by Third Empire which turns out to merely be a padlocked shed. He doesn’t get long to look before he is caught by security and is left with little choice but to call David.

Meanwhile Kai’s “lawyer” has found Megan’s hideout and after a brief search, sets it on fire.

Jonah tells David about the Third Empire transaction being a smokescreen to hide a paper trail, leaving the reason Megan received $5 million a mystery.  When they dig deeper into Third Empire they find that it’s merely a shell company that only existed for three days supposedly run by a guy named Jack Benitez.

When they go Benitez’s address it turns out to be a kid whose dad just happens to be Xo’s driver. This leads Jonah to conclude that Xo has been at the center of the conspiracy, an idea that leaves even David shaken up.

Jonah goes to Sally to tell her everything he knows about Megan’s case so far including her connection to Ben, though Sally pretends have not known him.  Jonah’s current theory is that Megan was laundering money for Xo and Ben found out and tried to blackmail her, so Xo just paid to have them both killed.

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Sally goes to the bathroom just as her phone lights up from getting a new voicemail.  Jonah notices her phone screen is a picture of her with Ben.  When Jonah rather stupidly asks her why she didn’t bother to tell him about her relationship with Ben, she claims to have been scared.

As Lau goes to unchain her bike, she’s abducted by an unknown assailant in a black van.

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