White Dragon season 1, episode 5 recap


The cops show up to the boat and find an unconscious Jonah.  When he comes to, he notices his shirt is missing and the cops inform him there’s no body on the boat on White Dragon.

A police officer has Jonah go through what happened on the boat during which Jonah admits to recognizing the dead guy as the man who stole his passport.  Jonah points the finger at David, though the cop asks a good question if Jonah was merely a witness to the alleged murder, why was he left alive? Jonah and the cop are then informed the boat belongs to Kai on White Dragon.

The police go to question Kai and ask if he has any idea why Jonah would be found unconscious on his boat, who naturally denies everything.

As Sally shows up to take Jonah back to Hong Kong, Reza’s is found by a dock worker.

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Lau comes home to find David passed out in his room just as Felix and Chow come knocking on their door.  David instructs Lau to hide in her room while he deals with him. They question him on Reza’s murder given that he was in Macau the day before and Reza was known to work for Kai.  Of course, it also doesn’t help that Jonah places David at the murder scene. David reasonably points out that given their relationship, Jonah can’t exactly be viewed as an impartial witness.  The officers leave but Felix warns David to be careful. Lau having heard all of this demands an explanation and when David doesn’t give one, she leaves.

As Jonah gets his injuries checked out at the hospital, he lays out all of his suspicions about Megan’s death to Sally.  Given that he currently has no real evidence to speak of to back up his claims, she’s skeptical, to say the least. She also warns him that investigations of this magnitude in Hong Kong generally take months or even years, so he should adjust his expectations accordingly and he’d be better off just going home.

After seemingly convincing Jonah to take a flight back to London, Sally goes to find Reza not knowing he’s the same guy Jonah has been talking about, who is of course nowhere to be found. Shortly afterward, Arthur informs her that a body has been found and Jonah is a person of interest.

Meanwhile, Jonah bribes a boatyard clerk into giving him Kai’s address.  When he gets there, a housekeeper tells him he can find Kai at his brother’s wedding.

Jonah goes to crash the wedding but not before Sally calls to warn him that the police are looking for him in connection to Reza’s murder.  Jonah eventually spots Kai and follows him to the wedding reception.

During this time, we get some flashbacks to Jonah’s wedding to Megan where it turns out they’d known each other longer than the around five years he originally stated in the pilot.  They had gone to college together where Jonah admired her mostly from afar. He then worked up the courage to kiss her just before graduation. She then moved to Hong Kong shortly afterward and Jonah would spend years kicking himself for not taking the chance sooner.  When Megan showed back up in London eighteen years later, Jonah made sure not to make the same mistake again which eventually led to their less than legal marriage.

Back to present day, Jonah continues to tail Kai until he decides to throw any semblance of subtlety out the window and ask Kai point blank in front of his family why he killed Megan.  This ends up getting both Jonah and Kai arrested, which makes Tsui more than a little nervous.

Once at the police station, Tsui tries to get Jonah to confess to Reza’s murder.  Before that can go very far though, Sally shows up to advise Jonah of his legal options which at the moment are looking pretty bleak.  Jonah uses his one phone call to leave a voicemail to David asking him to tell the police the truth.

Meanwhile, Lau seeks out Felix wanting to know why David was being interrogated earlier about Reza’s murder.  Felix assures her that she has nothing to worry about because the murder will likely be pinned on Jonah anyway.

David leaves a note for Lau then goes to the police station with Reza’s murder weapon wrapped in a plastic bag.

He and Jonah are then put into a jail cell together where David finally explains his suspicious behavior.  He claims to have given Kai the hard drive so he could find out whether or not Megan was killed because of him.  He says Kai asked for them to meet on the boat but by the time he got there it was already too late and Kai made him clean up the crime scene.  He tells Jonah that he feels bad for leaving him at the scene and that he made a confession that clears Jonah. David is going to be charged with accessory to murder and that bail will be set at half a million.  David also found out from Kai that Megan’s death wasn’t personal but rather a murder for hire.

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Tsui goes to talk to Kai and informs him that since David turned over the murder weapon with his fingerprints all over it, his only option at this point is to confess to killing Reza and keep his mouth shut about everything else.

Sally meets up with Arthur to tell him the murder victim was Reza.  Sally admits this to be a setback to their plans but she promises to clean up the mess.

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