White Dragon season 1, episode 7 recap


On this episode of White Dragon, Xo is enjoying a dinner out with his family and fails to notice a waitress swiping a beer bottle he has discarded and handing it over the Arthur who makes a call about it to Sally.

Sally leaves her hotel to meet with Arthur which doesn’t go unnoticed by Jonah.

Jonah once again meets with David who’s worried something has happened to Lau.  Jonah insists that it’s probably nothing but David is still going through Lau’s social media accounts to see if he can figure where she went.  When Jonah takes a look as well, he recognizes the place her last picture was taken.

Michael gets called into his editor’s office, who having heard about his unsuccessful custody battle instructs him to take some time off to get his head straight.  This doesn’t exactly go over well as several hours later he shows up drunk at Rachel’s begging to see his daughter. Unsurprisingly, she tells him to instead get off her property before she calls the police.

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Jonah and David go to the bar that Lau was last seen at, where a bartender tells them that she left out the back about an hour ago.  David’s worries about Lau worsen when they find her bike has been left behind.

Lau’s abductor, Conrad (the “lawyer” from the previous episode), gets pulled over by a cop for a busted taillight.  Rather than cooperate, Conrad instructs the officer to check and see who owns the car. When he does, the officer lets him go without further incident.

Meanwhile, Sally and Arthur are at a lab getting some kind of test done involving Lau’s plush and Xo’s beer bottle.

Jonah and David ask for Felix’s help in tracking Lau’s location (much to the chagrin of Felix’s pregnant wife).  Felix is able to track her phone at a place called Hammer Hill. This lead turns out to be a dead end though as it turns out Lau’s phone has been left in a dumpster.  They do notice that she got a text from Becky recently so they text her with Lau’s phone to try to get some answers.

Jonah and David track down Becky at a rave and start questioning her.  She’s not especially cooperative at first but when they mention Lau has gone missing, she confesses to having been hired by Sally.

From there, Jonah calls Sally saying they need to meet.  Arthur, hearing the conversation tells her to go ahead and meet him to find out what Jonah wants.  Jonah basically cuts to the chase and asks her to tell him where Lau is and despite the revelation about Becky, Sally denies everything and leaves.

Jonah and David sneak into Sally’s hotel room to look for clues. Eventually, Jonah finds Lau’s birth certificate and pictures of Megan hidden in one of her suitcases.  When Jonah confronts her with this latest bit of info, she says she needs to show him something.

Sally finally confesses that when Xo decided to run for office, the consulate started to do some “research” on him.  They eventually found a 20-year old recording from Megan where she accuses Xo of drugging and raping her, though when her interviewer mentions it’ll likely be a case of he said/she said, she declines to press charges.

David naturally wonders why Megan never told him about this and Sally tells him it’s because Lau is Xo’s daughter.

Things flashback to three weeks earlier where Sally goes to see Megan.  She tells Megan that they found her interview tape and tries to persuade her to possibly come forward.  Sally admits the consulate was never interested in exposing Xo but blackmailing him.

The plan was for Megan to wear a wire and demand $5 million from Xo for her silence.  Once Xo would get elected the consulate could hold the evidence over Xo’s head and get whatever they want from him.

Jonah rightfully points out the stupidity of this plan since once Megan started shaking Xo down, of course, he was going to have her killed.

Lau regains consciousness and finds herself tied up in an abandoned building with Conrad rather creepily looking over her.

Jonah and David take Sally over to Xo’s so that she can get him to reveal Lau’s location.  The meeting goes poorly though rather than reunite with Jonah and David she leaves Xo’s home on foot knowing the meeting will spook Xo enough to force him to act.

Sure enough, Xo starts driving to Lau’s location with Jonah and David tailing not far behind.

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Xo makes his way to Lau’s location.  He tells Lau that he regrets not knowing about her sooner saying he’s always wanted a daughter.  Of course, none of this keeps him from deciding to kill her but hey, I’m sure he feels really bad about it.

Before this happens though Jonah and David come to her rescue. They’re able to help Lau escape but Conrad kills David in the process.

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