The Gifted season 2, episode 15 recap: Monsters


The Gifted sets the stage for the final battle.

In the penultimate episode of season 2, The Gifted tries to tie up some loose ends heading into the finale. “Monsters” is a bit of a hit or miss but it does have some strong character moments sprinkled throughout the episode. While we do get two happy reunions, it hinges on Andy abandoning a lot of his decisions from this season. It’s a bit disappointing, but nevertheless, we’re bound to get an explosive final fight.

Reed and Marcos

Everyone pairs up in sets of two for “Monsters” with their own missions. With the cops directly on the tail of Caitlin and Lauren, the guys are desperate to track them down. Not to mention, John is still in the wind after leaving him behind. They roll up to the alleyway from before to find John punching a wall. Naturally, John isn’t taking Clarice’s death well. He tried to pick a fight with Erg at the beginning of the episode which ultimately resulted in nothing. It doesn’t help that he’s remembering a happy moment he shared with Clarice.

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Marcos attempts to talk John into coming back to the apartment so they can track Caitlin and Lauren. In the meantime, Reed goes to check out the area. Unfortunately, he runs straight into Jace’s pal, Officer Wilson! Once again, Reed loses control of his powers and accidentally melts the guy’s gun before turning his hands onto Wilson himself. It’s a shame The Gifted can’t figure out what to do with Jace other than have him question his morals every episode before returning to the Purifiers.

Nevertheless, with the Purifiers patrolling the streets, it’s time for the three men to flee. Marcos forces John into the car so they can return to the apartment and regroup. On the radio, they overhear the police chatter about mutant suspects in an abandoned building. With no other backup, both Marcos and Reed take off while John is left behind to mope. It’s understandable that he’s upset about Clarice’s death but would he forgive himself if he stood behind while someone else got hurt?

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Caitlin and Lauren

After shooting at some cops, Caitlin, Lauren, and a few Morlocks are on the run. She pulls them over to a parking garage where she encourages the group to split up so they have a chance to escape. Luckily Caitlin and Lauren get away to find the abandoned warehouse. However, Lauren realizes her mother wanted to split up to use the other Morlocks as distractions so the two of them can get away. It’s a particularly ruthless decision, and Lauren seems horrified about her mother’s choice.

Nevertheless, they’re stuck in the building with no power. When the cops show up, Caitlin is confident she and her handgun will be able to save the day. Amy Acker is an expert at playing a badass but could The Gifted give her another weapon if she’s going to face off against half of the police force? Realizing they both won’t make it out, Caitlin promises to distract the police so her daughter can get away. Lauren refuses to leave and begs her mom not to leave her. It’s heartbreaking to hear because Lauren has essentially been forced to grow up this season but in her heart, she’s still just a kid.

Scared of losing her mother, Lauren’s powers manifest again! She’s able to shield the two from any gunshots while they try to figure a way out. Thankfully, Reed and Marcos are on the scene with a plan of their own. Marcos absorbs the light so the two are cloaked in darkness while Reed uses his powers to blast a hole in the wall. The Struckers reunite and are safely able to make it to the car without being noticed.

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Lorna and Andy

Reeva finally reveals her plan on tonight’s episode! Apparently, she wants to destroy government buildings and then convince the survivors of the need for a mutant homeland. The tunnels that the Inner Circle is using to move throughout the city actually belong to the Morlocks. Now we know why she wanted them out of there so badly! Lorna realizes as well because she was able to get an update from Marcos about the current situation. She’s planning to leave tonight but is worried Andy is too dedicated to the cause to be convinced to join her.

However, his faith is beginning to waver slightly. Reeva reveals that she wants Andy to not only take down the Sentinel Service building but kill the people in there. He doesn’t seem comfortable but won’t risk upsetting Reeva. It’s a little odd considering Andy was screaming about wanting to kill everyone who doesn’t stand with mutants only a few episodes ago. Nevertheless, The Gifted needs to give Andy a reason to stray and there it is.

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Lorna is also able to discover what the Frost Sisters are up to. Esme admits their part of the plan is to “convince” people of the need for a mutant homeland. Lorna tries to get her to realize how wrong that is but she’s not about to break rank with her sisters. Later that night, Lorna finds Andy sitting by himself just as she’s about to sneak out. Despite her doubts, she does approach him and tell him about Reeva’s partnership with Ryan.

Even though Andy believes her, he doesn’t think he deserves to return home to his family. He’s a killer and he should stick around with the Inner Circle. Lorna’s desperate though, so she calls Reed and has him talk to his son. The talk doesn’t seem to go well at first with Andy relaying the same doubts about himself as he did with Lorna. Luckily, Reed is able to somehow bond with him over the way he murdered Officer Wilson. Andy hangs up, Caitlin consoles her husband, while Lauren looks at the two of them with disgust.

THE GIFTED: L-R: Skyler Samuels, Emma Dumont and Percy Hynes White in the “Monsters” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Feb. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX.

A Family Reunion

The Gifted ends “Monsters” with the former Underground members finally returning home. Andy shows up at the apartment and is greeted with hugs from his entire family. Lorna and Marcos create the aurora borealis effect again, symbolizing the rebirth of their relationship. They all head up to the roof to console a heartbroken John, who sees a thunderstorm as a sign that Clarice could still be out there.

Of course, their reunions will come with consequences. Reeva is furious about the betrayals and admits she only wanted the two because of their family legacies. We’re a little shocked none of the Frost Sisters brought up the fact that their mother was pretty legendary. It doesn’t matter now though since Reeva wants both Lorna and Andy killed so they can move forward with their plan.

As for Jace, he learns about Wilson’s death and seems to once again rededicate himself to the Purifiers cause. When will he realize that Benedict Ryan is just using him? At this point is there even a way for him to get redeemed?

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Heading into the finale, it will be interesting to see if Clarice’s fate is addressed and if another faction will form. Lauren seems to become more unsettled with each episode over her parents “the end justifies the means” mentality when it comes to surviving. She’s been shown to want to help people no matter what which is why she’s been so against the Inner Circle’s methods of sacrificing people. It definitely seems possible the series is giving the Struckers one of their kids back only to have another one leave.

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