Tidelands season 1, episode 3 recap: Not One of You


Episode 3 of Netflix series Tidelands reminds us yet again that Cal is a half-breed, Adrielle is magical and drugs are bad.

Near the beginning of the 3rd episode of Tidelands, Calliope “Cal” McTeer (Charlotte Best) thinks it’s insane that she’s a half-breed — or, half-human and half-siren. If that’s not enough, she learns that Pat wasn’t her real father. After delivering the stunning news, Bill (Peter O’Brien) instructs her to leave the bay. Later, Cal tells some water that she doesn’t believe it and that she knows what she is.

The water almost seems to tell her otherwise. Quite obviously, she can basically communicate with H2O. Not a bad skill to have, right? Just say “I’m thirsty” and maybe some water will hop right into your mouth (okay, so it probably doesn’t work like that). Later, Corey (Mattias Inwood) stops in to visit Cal, though not much really happens.

Moving on, Adrielle (Elsa Pataky) has some unsatisfying visions after a magic ritual with an imprisoned woman (Cate Feldmann). It is strange and potentially painful magic, as Adrielle cuts her more so she can the fortune. It turns out that Lamar (Dalip Sondhi) is spying on her again. What is she up to? What is Lamar (or the eye-patch dude) up to? We can bet it’s nothing entirely wholesome.

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The Devil’s Tail and an awkward fling

Meanwhile, at the Devil’s Tail, freshly minted widow Laura Maney (Annabelle Stephenson) pores over records of men who’ve died of unnatural causes. It seems there are quite a few. Later, when she gets done with her sad work at the bar, she continues the sadness at home. However, she gets interrupted by Cal’s brother, Augie McTeer (Aaron Jakubenko), who is looking for Mr. Maney’s phone.

Laura catches on that he knows something about the death, and initially, they start fighting. However, in the fine tradition of social dysfunction, the fighting soon turns into something else (take a wild guess). Interestingly, Augie doesn’t kill the mood by telling Laura that Tidelanders crucified her husband and took his eyes out. He must be saving that minor info for some other time.

Drugs and such

For a brief moment, we see the Tidelanders buy stuff online. It is an interesting aspect of Tidelands, as it suggests humans might often unwittingly deal with mythical creatures. Shortly after that, Adrielle interrupts Dylan’s (Marco Pigossi) love-making session to arrange for an underwater drug pickup. Adrielle, Violca (Madeleine Madden) and Dylan set out to retrieve the barrels in a boat. After Violca dives, Adrielle instructs Dylan to shoot Violca if she comes back up without her. Dylan almpst goes through with it, but Adrielle emerges shortly after her counterpart (and apparent enemy). Yes, Violca lives through this “Tidelands” episode, but it seems she’ll be found expendable in the not-too-distant future.

Later, Adrielle is bold yet again, telling Augie that she wants double the money. On the way to a new drug meeting, Augie takes Cal along (as she wants to travel further to L’Attente), and a guy named Colton (Richard Davies). However, Augie’s business associate, China Tom (Gary Young), is not happy to hear of the double charge. He wants to know the supplier. Before they can settle the matter, it’s clear they’ve been set up by a gangster named Gregori Stolin (Jacek Koman), who wants in on their action. However, Cal is having none of it! She demonstrates some bad-ass Tidelander powers on an old guy’s throat. Augi eventually agrees to work for Stolin, but calls him “a locust plague in a suit.”

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Meanwhile, Adrielle’s imprisoned psychic witch lady tells her, “She’s coming for you.”  Who’s the “she” here? Why it’s none other than Cal McTeer speeding to meet them on a boat! So, what will happen in the next episode of Tidelands? Will more eyes be ripped out like they weren’t supposed to be there to begin with? Will Cal talk to more water? Will more drugs be sold and guns be blazing? Most definitely.

That’s it for this Tidelands recap! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!