Arrested Development: Season 5, Part 2 premiere date announced, first-look photos released


Netflix has finally announced the release date for the second half of Arrested Development’s fifth season.

The eight new episodes from the back half of the season will hit the streaming service on March 15, according to Deadline. Arrested Development Fans will remember that the first 8 episodes of season five were released way back on May 29 of 2018.

A poster for the new episodes and several new first-look photos were also published.

The new batch of episodes will pick up right where the season’s first half left off. Buster (Tony Hale) is about to be put on trial for murder and the family’s company must build a “smart” border wall that could expose George Michael’s software hoax. With everything going on, even Michael (Jason Bateman) may not be able to save the Bluths this time. Oh, also, Tobias (David Cross) will become a Golden Girl.

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In addition to Bateman, Hale, and Cross, the usual suspects will also return to their starring roles, including Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, and Alia Shawkat.

It’s unclear why Netflix took so long to release part 2 of Arrested Development‘s fifth season. Netflix rushed the release of the season’s first half last year in order to make sure it premiered before the deadline for Emmy consideration. That didn’t end up working out as the show didn’t receive any awards love.

However, the delay in releasing the season’s second half could be the result of the negative publicity the show received during the roll-out for the first half. In a now-infamous cast interview with The New York Times, talk turned to the boorish on-set behavior of actor Jeffrey Tambor who plays patriarch George Bluth Sr.

In the interview, Jessica Walter who plays George Sr.’s wife, Lucille, got emotional when she spoke about an incident where Tambor lashed out at her. To make matters worse, the other men in the cast who were at the interview defended Tambor.

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Netflix may have been waiting for the incident to fade in the minds of the public.

Regardless, when March 15 comes, fans can decide for themselves if the new episodes were worth the wait or if the staggered release was a HUGE mistake.