Kingdom season 1, episode 6 recap


Previously on Kingdom, Lord Cho had sealed off Hanyang from the surrounding country and sent the Five Armies to arrest the Crown Prince. Sangju prepares for the Army’s arrival.

The Queen informs Lord Cho that the gates have been sealed, but questions his decision to cut them off from the entire province and the income produced by their tributaries on Kingdom. Lord Cho says that real power doesn’t come from money and says that the gates will remain closed until he commands otherwise. She promises that she will use her power to protect him, and he reminds her that he gave her that power and can just as easily take it away.

He says that, but it seems to me that she is now in a position to dispose of him if he becomes too demanding or troublesome and that there really isn’t anything he can do about it – but keep telling her that, maybe she’ll keep believing it. She seems smart enough to know better, though, and I foresee a day when she puts all his scheming to an end. She doesn’t really need him anymore.

The Sangju officials ask Lord Ahn to give them the Prince – they think it is the only way to reopen the gates and the supply lines from Hanyang. Meanwhile, the Royal Army has also arrived to take the Prince. Lord Ahn calls them traitors to the throne and Lord Cho’s greedy lapdogs. For their, crimes they deserve to die. Lord Ahn’s men, hidden on the rooftops, execute the Royal Army with their arrows.

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The Prince remembers his conversation with Lord Ahn the previous night. Lord Ahn had informed him that he received a letter alerting him to the Prince’s arrival and instructions to hold him until the Royal Army could come to take him. It means that one of the Prince’s companions is an informant for Lord Cho, because only they could know of his intentions.

With one threat taken care of, another arises. Hundreds of refugees from the surrounding villages have arrived at Sangju for protection. The Magistrate refuses to let them in, thinking that they need to protect their own people from the rest. Of course, those inside will starve while those outside will catch the disease and cause a larger zombie threat – it doesn’t make sense. The Prince strips the Magistrate of his title and takes over. The fortress can’t hold everyone, but they can guard the entrance to Sangju and prevent the zombies from breaching their defenses.

They start to forge weapons, build blockades, and enlist fighters – sealing off the routes into the city. The preparations are moving along quickly under the Prince’s organization. Back in Hanyang, one of the pregnant widows gives birth. The cries of the baby can be heard by the other widows, who celebrate but are suspicious when the cries suddenly stop. In the birthing room, a servant cleans up huge amounts of blood. The mother was likely killed, her child taken if it happened to be a boy.

The Queen is scheduled to give birth that day. One of the cleaning girls talked too much about seeing the Queen’s soiled garments thrown in the fire and she is chosen to be her attendant at the birth. Of course, once the Queen is undressed, her attendant is shocked to see that she is not really pregnant and she never was. That is how she can ensure that her child is born a boy, by taking one from a widowed peasant.

Beom-Pal gives Seobi a huge basket of plants and is very proud of his effort to collect herbs for her. Unfortunately, all the plants are nothing but weeds and she has to go out and collect them herself. Beom-Pal follows her like a puppy, but mostly whines rather than really helping her. As she’s out collecting, she discovers the true location of the resurrection plant in a restricted area called the Frozen Valley. Nearby the plants, there is an area where someone, or something, had been chained.

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Lord Ahn seems to know of Yeung-sin, but when the Prince asks if he knows him he claims never to have met him. Everyone takes their places, preparing for sunset. They wait tensely, but see no signed until just before sunrise, when the horse of a recon scout returns with only a severed arm hanging from the reins. The zombies are coming, so they light the signal fires and alert all posts. The sun rises without incident, bringing relief to the fighters. But just as they let their guard down the zombies arrive, regardless of the sun. It was never the light they feared, but the heat. And now that winter is upon them, there is nothing stopping the zombies.

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