Idris Elba’s Turn Up Charlie drops its first Netflix trailer


Idris Elba is ready to take over the DJ scene in Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie.

Turn Up Charlie is Netflix’s newest comedy series heading our way in mid-March. Fans of Idris Elba know that he loves to DJ and now he’s taking his passion and bringing to this new series. Elba plays a DJ named Charlie who is a struggling bachelor and finds himself up against the wall when he agrees to be a “manny” for his famous best friend’s kid, Gabby.

Between his troubles and looking after a kid who has been neglected by her “too busy with work” parents, the unexpected pairing will set the stage for Turn Up Charlie. Netflix dropped its first official trailer for the series this week, giving us a first look at Elba doing his DJ thing, according to Deadline. Elba is the creator and executive producer behind the project, and it’s safe to assume he will bring some of his own experiences into the mix (ha, get it?). Oh and let’s not forget, Coyote Ugly’s Piper Perabo and The Romanoffs’ JJ Feild will also star in the series alongside Elba.

Given the type of shows and movies Elba has done in the past, seeing him tackle comedy will be an interesting adventure. How do we imagine him as anything but DCI John Luther? You know, the gloomy, dark character we all love him as. Let’s just hope that the genre of comedy serves him as well as drama has.

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Will Charlie find success by the end of the season? And how will being a manny shape his future success? We honestly cannot wait to find out. Check out Turn Up Charlie on Netflix on March 15th!

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