A Million Little Things season 1 review: Secrets, mystery, and all the feels


A Million Little Things almost lost us along the way only to shock us by the season’s end.

A Million Little Things had a pretty stellar premiere season considering it surely had its weak moments. Revolving around the suicide of a man named Jon, this incident shaped the entire season with stories branching off from it.

From the mystery of why Jon did what he did leading up to the big season finale reveal, there was a lot going on. At times it felt as if the story was losing its appeal and the whole mystery element was extremely drawn out. It was a struggle to keep watching at times, but then the season finale happened.

Now, I’m sure not everyone is amused by how the season ended as I am but I honestly wouldn’t have been able to fathom that is the path A Million Little Things would take.

Naturally, the evidence that was presented through the entire season alluded to Jon being a shady, secretive man that was possibly having an affair. But it wasn’t that at all, in fact, the series shed light on a very important issue–mental health.

Jon, along with all the characters of the series, had their own personal demons and struggles. We watched each of them battle their daily struggles and find a way to go on in the wake of losing their dear friend, father, and husband.

There is something extremely real and profound about how A Million Little Things ended up playing out. We started to suspect that Jon wasn’t a good person based on the one perspective we saw, but as happens in real life, there are always two sides to a story.

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I personally think the series helps us to understand this idea on a much deeper level, especially when it comes to mental health. Jon’s struggles were a culmination of one tragic event that occurred in his life, and despite moving on with life, his guilt stayed with him until the very end.

Jon’s death paved a path for the other characters in the story, namely Gary. I really enjoyed Gary’s storyline with Maggie, probably the most, if I’m being honest.

We got to see Gary go from meeting a random woman to falling in love with her and helping through a difficult time in her life. It was obvious that this desire to help and save came from the fact that he couldn’t help Jon, but it made for one hell of a plot and my favorite part of A Million Little Things. I’m excited to see how their story progresses in the next season!


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Rome was another pivotal character in the series, and a story I feel many could relate with. Unbeknownst to the group, Rome was dealing with depression as well and didn’t seek out help until after Jon committed suicide.

I think the writers did a marvelous job making Rome feel relatable and making his struggles something we can all connect with. He was a huge part of why most of the season was enough worth watching and based on what happens in the finale, there is a lot of tough stuff to deal with in the future.

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A Million Little Things did a stand-up job in its first season, despite the boring bumps in the storyline or the repetitive nature of the plot. We laughed, we cried, and we were taken aback with shock as the season one finale revealed the big mystery behind’s Jon life and death.

But now the season has come to an end, and we must wait for the second season to bring more mysteries, questions, and hopefully a lot more of Gary and Maggie’s love.