A Million Little Things season 1, episode 16 recap: The Rosary


So, next week’s finale of A Million Little Things will solve the Barbara Morgan mystery…right?

A Million Little Things talked about, well, a million little things this week except for who the heck or rather if that woman is Barbara Morgan. She managed to make her way into the Dixon home under the ruse of striking up a conversation with Sophie about her family. But when she realized Delilah was still home, Barbara Morgan? ran away before she could be seen. And that was about it on the B. Morgan front for this week.

Most of this season 1 penultimate episode of A Million Little Things focused on Maggie’s surgery. It’s difficult to imagine that we made it this far in her journey because it felt like not too long ago when she refused to even get treatment. But, here she is now ready to go into surgery (without her mother’s rosary!), but she goes in like a champ with Gary by her side. While Gary is waiting outside, he decides to run back to Maggie’s and grab her rosary because it would mean a lot to her.

On his arrival back to the hospital, he bumps into a woman whom he is not happy to deal with because she steals his parking lot. It turns out this woman he just cussed out is Maggie’s mother, played by the amazing Melora Hardin. It’s a bit awkward when he realizes who she is but he comes around to apologizing and finding common ground with her through their love for Maggie.

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Despite some initial scares, Maggie makes it through her surgery with her mother and Gary waiting by her side the minute she woke up. It was all very sweet and endearing, and the feels came pouring in ten-fold when Gary asked Maggie to move in with him. Her response via a Post-It note with the words, “I’m in” melted my heart into a mushy gushy mess.

Gary had some company with Rome while he was at the hospital waiting for Maggie’s surgery to end. And while Gary was busy with his girlfriend’s mother, Rome was preoccupied with his screenplay. It’s all done, but he’s nervous to let anyone check it out before he double/triple proofreads it. However, something interesting happens when he loses the screenplay and realizes a guy in the waiting room has been reading it. By the way, this guy, you may know him as Carl Grimes of The Walking Dead–aka Chandler Riggs.


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It seems like this chance encounter with a stranger who happened to love Rome’s work inspired Rome in a way he didn’t see coming. Not only did he let Gina read the final product the next day, but he decided to volunteer at the Suicide Prevention Hotline. How far everyone has come, right?

In other parts of A Million Little Things, Regina was busy cheffing away at the restaurant but was a bit annoyed to learn the raving review didn’t make much mention of her. Instead, it gave praise to her new investor, aka Delilah’s potentially new boo-thang, more than Regina or even Delilah. Even though things start out a bit rough, Delilah makes it up to her by reminding Gina that she has fans from her previous restaurant.

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And then there is Eddie and Katherine. I don’t know about anyone else but it seemed like they weren’t going to sign the divorce papers for a minute. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together at some point. Whatever the case is, it was nice to see them share a nice moment after so much drama and fighting.

And then came the plot twist of the penultimate episode! While going through Jon’s things from the apartment, Sophie noticed that woman that was speaking to her earlier in one of the pictures. She knows her as Emma, but the rest of us are pretty sure she’s Barbara Morgan. Let’s hope next week’s finale finally nips this mystery in the bud.

A Million Little Things will air its season one finale next Thursday on ABC at 10 PM EST!