Shadow season 1, episode 2 recap: Snow Globe Killer


As Shadow faces some concerning medical news, a woman comes to him for help when she is being stalked by an obsessive and delusional man.

Simon Klinsky drives up to a rundown house in the country on Shadow. As he opens the front door, he disables a booby-trap and sets down his things on the kitchen table.

He turns immediately and makes his way to a detached basement. Down below there is a giant snow globe, refrigerated and windblown with a dead woman sitting nicely inside. Simon mutters to himself as he lights a candle, saying that things are taking longer than he thought, but that soon they’ll all be together – a real family.

Shadow and Max play a game of one-on-one, beating him without much effort. Shadow tells him not to feel bad, because losing builds character, and Max’s character is so, so strong.

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Max says Shadow should thank him for covering his ass and gives him the shell casing from Mandla’s club. In return, Shadow gives Max a ride to his girlfriend’s house, but he has to make a stop first.

Shadow stops at a boxing club to confront a guy named Junior who has his ex-girlfriend’s car and won’t give it back. Shadow asks an employee where Junior is and he indicates the boxing ring. There are two guys sparring in the ring, a little guy and a big guy.

Naturally, Shadow assumes that Junior is the little guy, and when he calls his name that’s who answers. Junior says that he’ll fight Shadow for it, whoever gets knocked out gets the other’s car. Shadow agrees, knowing he can take him easily. However, when it comes to the fight, it turns out that the big guy is actually Junior.

The twist is predictable but satisfying. Shadow still beats him, but not before Max catches a stray punch. He’s just building more character.

Back at his city apartment, Simon has a huge, creepy collection of snow globes, each illuminated by a candle, which is the only lighting in his apartment.

He also has a stalker collage of some woman, mostly social media photos where he’s pasted his face onto anyone who might be posing with her. He listens to Swan Lake as he gift wraps a snow globe and looks at the collage.

At the woman’s house, she sits on her bed as she comfortably works from home. Simon lurks outside, watching her through the window. The doorbell rings and she goes to answer it, finding only the gift-wrapped box. When she opens it and sees its a snow globe, she freaks out. She is obviously familiar with Simon and not in a positive way. Simon calls her and asks if she likes her gift.

Shadow gets ready to leave his apartment and tells Ash that some guy named Trevor called for her. She seems displeased but explains that he’s just an old boyfriend who calls sometimes and wants to get back together. Shadow offers his help if she ever needs it, but she says she can handle it. Shadow’s phone rings before he can ask any more questions. Its the woman, Sarah, who needs help getting Simon off her back.

When they meet, she tells Shadow that they met online and that at first, he seemed sweet but strange. She thought he was harmless, so she agreed to see him again but the second time he became moody and creepy. As she was looking around, she found one of her dresses and some photos of her in a chest and realized that he was stalking her.

After that, she couldn’t get rid of him. When he broke into her house, she knew that eventually, he would kill her.

Back at home, Simon has flashbacks of being abused by his father as a child and later of beating his father to death in the same basement. A next door neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, so eventually, Simon grabs a cattle prod and breaks in to kill it.

Shadow stops by the police station to get information from Max on Simon. Max doesn’t like him showing up at the station, there are a lot of people who disapprove of Shadow’s career choice. Simon was in and out of juvie as a teenager and abandoned by his mother around that time.

She was reported missing two months ago. Before they can look at his psych report, the Captain comes around and tells Shadow that he shouldn’t be there. Shadow leaves, but not without implying that the police are just sitting around on their a**es and not getting anything done.

The Captain thinks Shadow is playing god and that eventually, he’s going to go too far.

Shadow gets a phone call from his doctor who demands he come in and see her immediately. She says he’s on the brink of a heart attack, that he can’t put off surgery any longer. The attack he had in the first episode was some kind of arrhythmia.

Shadow cuts the conversation short when Max calls him with more information on Simon. He was released from prison three months ago on the condition that he remain on anti-psychotic medication. He obviously hasn’t been keeping up with his meds.

Shadow goes to check on Sarah, who is staying in a hotel for safety. He gives her a gun, just in case, and then goes to investigate Simon’s apartment. He breaks in and finds what we’ve already seen – the snow globes lit by candles and the stalker collage. Shadow runs into Simon in the hallway just as he’s leaving and a chase ensues.

Simon finds a convenient corner next to a fire hose, makes a puddle on the floor, and electrocutes Shadow as he steps in it by sticking his cattle prod in the water. Shadow passes out and Simon escapes. Shadow appears to be wearing rubber soled shoes, though, so that should have provided at least some protection from electric shock.

Simon breaks into Sarah’s hotel room and kidnaps her. Shadow wakes up and calls to warn her, but its Simon who answers, telling him that he’s too late. Simon isn’t an evil guy, he thinks he’s protecting Sarah from the world by putting her in his snow globe.

Simon works for a courier service, so Shadow has Max track the GPS on his van. He’s taking Sarah to the family home to put her in the basement. He dresses her in a tutu, injects her with some kind of drug, and places her in the snow globe next to his mother. Shadow and Max meet up at the house and search the premises.

Shadow finds and disables the booby-trap, but it alerts Simon that someone is on the property. He comes out of the basement with a shotgun and there’s a shoot out. Shadow takes Simon down with a shot to the shoulder, but he kills himself before telling them where Sarah is. They find the basement and save Sarah without him anyway.

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Max hangs out at Shadow’s apartment with him, Zola, and Ash where they play darts and drink wine. Max may not be good at basketball, but he is awesome at darts. Ash dances to a song that makes Max realize where he thinks he’s seen her before.

She moonlights as a stripper under the name the Night Nurse. A rich and powerful looking man sees her at the club and decides he wants her. He calls a man named Trevor (the guy who called Ash earlier, who she claimed was just an ex-boyfriend) and tells him to make it happen.

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Shadow premiered on Netflix on March 8.