One Day at a Time: Netflix cancels series after third season


One Day at a Time won’t be returning on the streaming service.

After a hard fought battle between Netflix and the viewers of One Day at a Time, Netflix has decided to cancel after three seasons.

Netflix put out this tweet earlier today, announcing the decision to cancel the show after a grassroots effort to show support for the fourth season.

According to Deadline,

"“Along with our studio Sony, we will be exploring other places One Day At a Time can live, and with any luck, we’ll find one,” the series’ developers, executive producers and co-showrunners Gloria Calderón Kellett and Royce wrote in a note to fans. “We had the time of our lives making this show… So while our hearts are very heavy, they also are bursting with appreciation for this amazing experience.”"

The series developers Gloria Calderón Kellett and Royce mentioned in a podcast earlier this week about what they would do with the fourth season. They mentioned the addition of a trans actress in season three, as well as veteran suicides and opioid crisis around the countryOne Day at a Time did a fantastic job at showing different plotlines, that aren’t shown on regular cable television.

One Day At A Time was centered around a Latinx family, something that isn’t shown on cable television. The show followed the hardships of being a Cuban-immigrant family, showing three different generations of a Cuban family in one household. Not only did it show the different thoughts of the people in this household, but there were also LGBTQ+ relationships with the teenage daughter.

Simply put, One Day at a Time was far away from anything being shown on television, so the chances of the show being put on cable, at the very least without stripping what made the show its own, is slim to none, as sad as that is.

The cast also took to Twitter today to share their emotions at the show being canceled on Netflix:

And Gloria Calderón Kellett gave Twitter a passionate twitter thread on the subject:

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I truly hope that One Day at a Time finds a place on Network or CW television where it can shine like it did on Netflix. But for now, This is It, American Familia.

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