Has Netflix’s The Innocents Been Cancelled?


There has been no official word from Netflix on whether the supernatural romance The Innocents would be getting a second season, but rumor has it that the series has been quietly canceled.

The Innocents made its first season bow on Netflix in late August last year. Since then, fans have wondered if they’d get to see more of the story of star-crossed teen lovers Harry and June.

Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement one way or the other. However, the streaming service has been on a cancellation streak lately — most recently axing comedy One Day at a Time, to the great dismay of fans. And it looks like The Innocents may be another casualty.

According to TVLine, the series will not be returning for season 2. The information is attributed to “sources,” and not Netflix itself, so this still should be considered a rumor. However, the news doesn’t bode well.

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As fans will remember, The innocents’  first season ended on a cliffhanger.

Spoiler alert!

Harry and June had just gotten into a terrible car crash. June, who had recently learned she’s a shapeshifter, was severely wounded.

Harry told her to shape-shift into him because he was relatively uninjured.

He would be unconscious, but while he was out, she could go find help. Before she could act on the plan, though, Harry’s mother, Christine, drove up and hugged June-as-Harry.

This left Harry in a permanent state of catatonia. A fate that had already befallen Harry’s father after he got involved with June’s mother.

It was a tragic end to the season, but it may be one we’ll have to live with. After the series premiered, creator Hania Elkington told IndieWire that storylines for season 2 were already being discussed, saying:

"Oh yeah, we never stop talking about it. You can’t stop us with our nutcase-y ideas. We couldn’t have been happier or prouder about how Series 1 turned out, and we’re very hopeful that there’ll be a Series 2, but nothing official yet."

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If the show really is canceled, we’ll never learn what could’ve been in season 2. Still, the tragic romance of The Innocent‘s first season is a fairly satisfying stand-alone story, so at least fans will always be able to re-watch that.

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