State of the Gallaghers: Shameless after 9 seasons

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Carl Gallagher

Carl came into our lives as a brash bully type of kid with a fascination of weapons and generally messing things up. The first season of Shameless showed a Carl Gallagher headed for a life of institutionalized living.

Juvenile detention, a few reckless nights, and the multiple offender laws of Illinois were the fates of old Carl but he grew tired of the street hustles. He was playing at high stakes, and it took a toll.

It also sent cousin Chuckie to a juvenile prison where he led a brawl. Carl did a year in detention himself, after disrespecting a judge and sticking to the ‘No Snitching’ laws of the street. A year in lockup just made Carl more felonious. However, his main man killing someone sent Carl down to a depressing path.

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However, Carl used the ill-gotten gains from that life to pay off the Gallagher house. A house he almost blew up while cooking meth with his grandma Peggy.

He was able to move Monica’s post-mortem drug inheritance for the family as well. Carl has lots of useful skills. The military would be proud to have such an asset before he has an adult criminal record. Carl got the inspiration from the father of the totally unfaithful Dominique.

Carl’s new crush-love Kelly, who also serves as his military guide and somewhat girlfriend, will keep him on the right path on Shameless. Kelly definitely put her dad in place, and she can do the same for Carl, whose place is as a commissioned officer in the military.

The wrong path for Carl is fast food assistant anything, no matter who much of deterrent he can be on store robberies. The salary, beach house, and vacation are not worth his soul. Carl has a greater purpose he can serve, well beyond getting fat by serving fried seafood particles.

Carl will enter season ten having restored his friendship with benefits with Kelly. If he can show maturity and not be so needed they would be perfect, until boot camp. Unless this couple gets married, or they drop the military dreams, those military dreams will pull them apart.

Carl probably does not need to worry about those kids Frank duped him into donating to Ingred. Carl might have a problem if that marriage to the supposedly murdered Kassidy has a legal paper trail.  It’s doubtful that either problem arises. Carl should look forward to better days ahead.