Black Summer: Trailer for Netflix zombie drama drops


The zombie apocalypse is upon us again in the upcoming Netflix series Black Summer.

Netflix released a trailer for the soon-to-premiere zombie drama and announced the release date for the show: April 11.

Black Summer stars Jaime King as a mother who is separated from her daughter at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. She teams up with a group of fellow American survivors to navigate the deadly world together and find her daughter.

Black Summer is a prequel to the series Z Nation, which aired for five seasons on SyFy. While Z Nation started its story three years after the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Black Summer will show the events’ beginnings and document its most deadly summer.

“Our choices are the only thing that make us human,” the trailer claims. For fans of zombie apocalypse stories, the clip contains many familiar beats.

The series appears to start with several of the tropes of many zombie apocalypse origin stories, including the discovery that it’s happening, the involvement of the military, the group of strangers coming together to face the new world, and the downfall of society as we know it.

Check out the trailer below:

Though the trailer will remind people of recent shows like Fear the Walking Dead and movies like Dawn of the Dead, for those that love zombies and fans of the now-canceled Z Nation, this new series should prove irresistible.

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Black Summer has received an eight-episode order, which could be just the right number to tell a tense and gory story of summer zombie terror.

Are you looking forward to diving back into the zombie apocalypse with Black Summer on April 11? Shamble over to the comments and share your thoughts.