The Dragon Prince: An underrated Netflix original

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2. Loveable, complex and diverse characters

One of my favorite things about The Dragon Prince has to be the characters, all of them. They do not fit into any of the stereotypical molds set by television and there’s a surprising amount of relatability to them despite their existence in a fantastical, animated land.

A good example would be the children of the villain. You’d think they would be evil through and through, hell-bent on pleasing their father, but while the latter is true, the sliver of doubt they have of whether or not what they’re doing is right makes them very dynamic characters. Surprisingly, both of them are loveable. Think Sokka, Zuko and Azula thrown into a variant mix that brought about two different characters in the form of Soren and Claudia, and there you have it! It is speculated that one of these characters might go dark, but there’s no telling which one and even if they do, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we’ll love them all the same.

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The well-written characters make it difficult to really hate anyone because everyone has at least one redeeming quality, or at least we see their point of view.

A very important thing to note about the characters is that not only are they well written and complex, but the characters are also diverse in their race and ethnicities. There are people of color in important roles and the show also has a general, aunt to the protagonists, Amaya, who is deaf but an extremely skilled fighter, standing guard at The Breach. While there’s also been some LGBTQ+ representation on the show in the form of two queens of one of the kingdoms, there has been speculation of more LGBTQ+ representation on the show.