HBO developing series Asunda based on fantasy comics


HBO is working on a new drama series named for the fantasy universe in which it takes place, Asunda.

With Game of Thrones ending, HBO is banking on Asunda, a new fantasy series, to take its place. Asunda is a war-torn but culturally rich world created for comics by Sebastian A. Jones. Jones will serve as co-writer and executive producer for the TV series.

The Asunda comics detail many parts of the sprawling history of the universe, but HBO’s series will focus on the franchise’s most central character, Niobe Ayutamii. Niobe is an orphan whose father is king of a country modeled on Europe and mother is the kidnapped chief of a nomadic elf tribe whose land is modeled on West Africa. Niobe grows up in the small desert town of Oasis and is hunted by everyone. Her quest is to find her ancestors and unite them against an ancient enemy.

In comics, Niobe’s story was told in titles like Niobe: She is Life and Niobe: She is Death. The Asunda comics are published by Stranger Comics, an independent publisher run by Jones that has relied on the help of Kickstarter campaigns for funding. The comics also include titles named for characters and places in addition to Niobe, including Dusu and Erathune.

The magic and swords fantasy of Asunda is inspired by Greek mythology and the Middle-Earth novels of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.

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Given the similarities between the world of Game of Thrones‘ Westeros and Asunda, it makes sense that HBO would jump at the chance to repeat the success of Game of Thrones with a new epic fantasy series. However, HBO also has at least one Game of Thrones spin-off in the works and may create more, so the network will have to make sure Asunda differentiates itself. As casting and filming proceed it will be interesting to see what decisions HBO and the series’ creators make to accomplish this.

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(Source: Deadline)