The Dragon Prince: An underrated Netflix original

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5. Balancing a throe of tones

The Dragon Prince gets dark at some points but the humor isn’t very forced and is very relatable quite a lot of the times. There’s no over-explanation of the joke, and nearly every joke on the show made me think “Ha, I’d say that too!” The humor isn’t very crass and is nearly always situational except when it comes to Soren, who is the goofy dork soldier on a dark mission, much like his goofy, dark-magic practicing sister.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a Nickelodeon show, which meant that there wasn’t much scope to go very dark with the tones of the show because the potential was definitely there. Netflix seems to have given this show some freedom with this regard.

There are some scenes and ideas, that are particularly dark and deal with themes like fighting the dark side of your own self. The death of a character, while not dark visually, was dealt with great somberness. The aftermath of the same and the way other characters react to it was also quite solemn.

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The show also examines various aspects of war, and the ensuing political changes that happen because of it. It does not hesitate to show the harsh brutality with which leaders tend to make decisions in times of war, and sometimes with reasons they would regret with time.

Luckily, the dark tones are very well balanced with the characters, who despite their serious circumstances, manage to add organic humor to the scenes.

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