Deadly Class creator on the explosive finale and a potential season 2


Deadly Class finished season 1 with a massive cliffhanger and a heartbreaking defeat.

As one enemy dies, another one emerges from the outskirts. Deadly Class wrapped up its freshman run with a lot of action and tragedy as the characters fought to rid the city of F*ckface. While the series has yet to be renewed for a season 2, creator Rick Remender spoke to Deadline about the finale and if fans can expect more.

Warning: Spoilers for the Deadly Class finale below 

On a show like this, one would expect the body count to be pretty high considering the amount of violence in each episode. Shockingly, the main group of kids has managed to survive this season relatively unscathed. Yet, the finale delivered one big blow to the friends: Lex’s supposed death. When asked by Deadline if Lex was indeed dead, Remender laughed it off because he didn’t want to spoil anything in season 2. Could that mean our favorite punk might have survived his gunshot wound?

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"Well, I can’t tell you any of that. It would all be a terrible spoiler for Season 2. I can say that we have some surprises. There are some familiar elements from the book, and I’ve cooked up some new elements. So, without ruining the beginning of Season 2, I can’t say anything else."

He also spoke about adapting the series from a comic book to television, which required some characters evolving from their original counterparts. Addressing some of the changes made with F*ckface’s character, Remender admitted it was nice to have more time to return to certain character’s stories.

"There are elements in the plot structure of the book that I feel very passionately about holding onto, absolutely. There are others that, in hindsight, I go, oh, you know what? I bet if I’d had a little more time, I could’ve done something better with that."

Having a television format gave Remender the ability to flesh out some side characters from the comics. Noticeably, Petra and Lex were given more of a story to work with and have become irreplaceable members of the group. In fact, Petra immediately skyrocketed to a fan favorite right away.

"So I think that in terms of Petra and Lex getting development in the first season and having the space to develop them, that made me very happy. I think that, obviously, building a big Master Lin story that will end in tragedy, ultimately, does a better job of earning us what I have planned for Season 2."

The teachers also got a little more time in the series than they did in the comics. Jürgen Denke escaped early in the series after attempting to resign from the school. Since Lin didn’t have the heart to kill him, it seemed inevitable that he will factor into some decisions in the future. Denke quickly became a favorite teacher to Marcus, especially when he warned the young boy to get out of schools before “finals”. Remender promises there’s more to come when it applies to Denke and how he could return.

"We got to unpack the faculty a good bit more and really make a meal of the Jürgen Denke character with Henry Rollins, who I’d love to have…well, I don’t want to spoil it but who obviously has a bigger story to come."

Unfortunately, Deadly Class has yet to get renewed for a second season but the overall critical consensus has been positive. The series had a small but passionate group of fans from the get-go who had loved the comic. Word of mouth has continuously helped spread good news about the series which hopefully means more people will begin to watch. Nevertheless, Remender is hopeful they get another season to continue the story at King’s Dominion.

"Well, I always move ahead with these things as if they are going forward and work with optimism. So I’m assuming that we’re going to do another one. There’s a lot of indicators that we are, but again, I don’t want to jinx it."

The series has had a tough road on live television because it’s slapped with a mature rating and banished to 10 PM. Of course, there’s no way to adapt a comic about a school for assassins without allowing the accompanying violence to go with it. If SyFy does wind up canceling the series, there’s hope that the positive buzz around it will be enough for a streaming network to save it. However, Remender’s comments to Deadline remain positive even if the series winds up only lasting this past season.

"You know, I always joke that if we don’t get a Season 2 that this’ll be like Freaks and Geeks. Deadly Class will be over but we’ll just have give birth to a whole generation of young adults who are going to go off and take the world by storm, because they are so goddamn gifted, and each one of them brings so much to their roles."

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Despite being an action-packed ride, Deadly Class tackled a lot of serious issues throughout season 1. It seems like the series will continue to do so if it gets picked up for another round. However, the show handled issues with mental illness and addiction relatively well and got a conversation started. Maria’s bipolar disorder is something she struggles with because everyone around her like she’s crazy. Marcus’ addiction is only touched upon but will probably escalate as he refuses to admit he could have a problem. If the show can continue delivering a good comic book adaptation and handling these issues than it definitely deserves a renewal.

Do you want to see Deadly Class return for another season? What did you think of the finale? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline