Game of Thrones: Three new promos released for season 8


It’s the moment many Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for: promo trailers have been released for the long-awaited season eight!

There were two promos released today, and they definitely amp up the hype for the new season of Game of Thrones! The first one, titled Together, highlights the Jon and Dany team, as well as the people around them. You can hear Tyrion saying they must stick together, as dragons fly over Winterfell. It’s a long-awaited sight to see — the Starks back together and joined by Dany and two of her dragons.

One of the most interesting parts of the promos, as told by Deadline, is the huge change that is shown in Tyrion. In season one, which season eight is supposed to highlight and mirror, Tyrion was a playboy and often apathetic of what other people thought, and never would have become someone’s Hand of the Queen and be so serious about war. In the promo, we can hear him say the grim words that are true about war: “We must fight now together…or die.”

If that wasn’t enough to get your Game of Thrones blood pumping, HBO released a second promo for fans! Entitled Survival, this is definitely poised to be a reminder of everything that has happened in the past eight seasons. Jon Snow can be heard saying “Think back to where we started…now it’s just us.” It’s a chilling sentiment as we realize this is the end and the culmination of everything we’ve been waiting for, including all the changes that have taken place. There are no more adult parent-figures to fall back on. The only adults are the Lannisters — the enemy.

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The third and final promo, entitled Aftermath, is the most chilling of all. There’s no one left, Longclaw, the sword given to Jon Snow, is laid by itself. Could that signal that a grim future is in store for the character? It definitely looks as Winter is Here for Winterfell. But does anyone survive?