Veep season 7 premiere recap: Iowa


Selina Meyer is back for a final term on Veep–and she’s (sort of?) ready to take her place in the Oval Office.

Veep gives us an epic start to the final season, and even though the rest of the season is still to come, I’m not ready to say goodbye. It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since the last season aired, but the show has certainly not missed a beat. The season 7 premiere begins with Selina heading to Iowa to announce her second er sorry fourth Presidential campaign.

Why does Selina want to be President? This is a question even she can’t seem to answer during the season 7 premiere despite Leon’s constant pestering. As Dan and Amy wait for Selina and the rest of the team to arrive, they learn that Selina’s plane has landed in Cedar Falls, Iowa instead of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Clearly frustrated by this disaster, Selina attempts to have her team figure out what goes wrong every time. Spoiler alert Selina, it’s you. But does Selina care? Nah, because it’s always someone else’s fault, never hers. Even though this is horrible behavior, it’s why we love Selina Meyer on Veep. She just doesn’t give an eff.

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Throughout the episode, there is mention of school shootings happening around the country. Leave it to Veep to take this as an opportunity to make Selina look worse as she tries to use the incidences to her advantage.

Things continue to spiral downhill when the man Selina thought they were hiring as her campaign manager turns out to be someone else. Unable to afford another mistake, the team decides to keep this man on and let him think he’s doing things, but really they’ll do things behind the scenes. Poor fake Keith Quinn.

During a staff meeting, Selina and the team decide that she will announce her run where Susan B. Anthony was born–the exact spot she announced her first run about nine years ago. And let’s just say it doesn’t go as planned, but it somehow works out in Selina’s favor by the end.

Just in case you forgot what happened last season on Veep, Amy is pregnant with Dan’s baby. Yes, that’s right, Dan is Amy’s baby daddy, but he couldn’t care less. Amy wants to keep the baby but she doesn’t expect Dan to be around or supportive at all, even though he makes the assumption that she was going to have an abortion. He’s basically a prick and doesn’t want anything to do with anything, and even casually talks to Amy about having sex with another woman in the hotel room next door.


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Do you know who I missed the most on Veep? Jonah. He’s so bizarre, kooky, and ridiculous and the season 7 premiere reminded just how weird he can get. He is also running for President and it turns out he’s married–to his stepsister. Yup, he’s a wild one and willing to do anything to look great in the public eye. Unfortunately for him, during an interview meant to address his “marrying his stepsister” situation, his father-in-law/ex-stepfather shows up and declares that he still loves Jonah’s mom.

After arriving at Susan B. Anthony’s birthplace, the team learns that the company that helped set everything up was never paid the last time they were there. As a result, he refuses to set up the stage or anything until he does get paid until Selina convinces him otherwise and sics Gary on him. They learn of another mass shooting, and Selina uses this to step forward and announce her disbelief, as well as her official, run for President.

There’s just one problem, though. It turns out Jonah’s interview has received a lot of traction and has garnered him support amongst white male voters. Furthermore, Tom James is also running, you’ll remember him as Selina’s occasional booty call. This is definitely going to be an interesting final season of Veep.

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In other parts of the episode, Richard is going back and forth between Selina and Jonah’s campaigns (not sure how that’s allowed). Mike is now a Buzzfeed reporter and is struggling to complete the mandatory number of articles per day, but something tells me he’ll be back on the team in no time. And then there’s Katherine who has been suffering from post-partum depression and is always on a downward spiral courtesy of her mother (who is using her grandchild as a means to impress the public).

Who else is excited to what the rest of the season holds?