The Tick season 2, episode 2 recap: A.E.G.I.S. and You


Arthur and the Tick tour AEGIS and begin the application process to register as official superheroes. Meanwhile, Dot suspects she may have abilities and Overkill plans to go into hiding after learning AEGIS is back in town.

Arthur and the Tick are introduced to AEGIS via a stylish and inspiring corporate video, describing the agency as a “government-funded shield over you and yours.” While the Tick is not convinced of AEGIS’s coolness or necessity, Arthur is overjoyed at the chance to even be licensed as a superhero through them. The Tick agrees to go through the red tape for Arthur’s sake, but then wants to get back to tracking down their new lobster-nemesis: dubbed Lobstercules by the press.

Enter Doctor Agent Hobbes (John Hodgman) who has been sitting behind them the whole time. He’s the agency’s top scientist and he’s going to take them on the tour. It is equal parts delightful and totally unsurprising to see John Hodgman, both as this scientific character and in this show. He’s simply made for something like The Tick.

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Along their tour, they are taken to the AEGIS break room, which features a world-class coffee bar and particularly good croissants. The secret ingredient is nanobutter; it’s like regular butter, but smaller and more advanced. Hobbes leaves them in the break room with the application forms to join AEGIS. Arthur is a master at paperwork and finishes his extensive application in record time, but the Tick has some trouble, only partly due to his mysterious massive memory loss. Luckily, there is a box he can mark for that. The next step in the application process is testing.

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Arthur registers as having no superpowers at all – which is disappointing considering most people register at least a little bit. The Tick, however, registers as a Category 4 superhero and breaks the supposedly unbeatable strength test – a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art robotic arm wrestling machine. Arthur is convinced there’s no way he’ll ever be allowed to register as a superhero, let alone make the Flag Five. But after a meeting with Rathbone, Arthur is brought on with the condition that he keep the Tick in check – to be the complimenting brains to the Tick’s brawn.

Meanwhile, Dot continues to have strange dreams and premonitory experiences. They regroup at Dangerboat after he discovers AEGIS and Ty Rathbone is back in town. Overkill and Dangerboat are both wanted criminals after an incident in which Overkill’s entire elite squadron was ambushed by a tech-lord called The Duke. Overkill was able to kill The Duke, but Rathbone apparently blames him for the death of his team. Now that Rathbone is back in town, Overkill intends to retreat to Cuba. Dot tries to convince him to make a stand and prove his innocence, but he is undecided.

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Superian struggles in the face of disapproval after The Terror was discovered to be alive after all. Ms. Lint hides out at the hilariously Hawaiian themed Lei Low motel while she plans her comeback. She hires a young tech-wizard named Edgelord to outfit her with new equipment that will disguise her identity.

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