The Tick season 2 premiere recap: Lesson One: Think Quick


Season two of The Tick opens with a nightmarish recap of the events from last season: Arthur’s hero’s journey, the capture of The Terror, saving Superion and the city from the Very Large Man (VLM), all while learning to fly. Arthur awakes from his dream to a brand new day and an all-new season.

Arthur (Griffin Newman) tells the Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) that he had a flying dream and that he thinks it means something. In classic Tick style, he has a dramatic monologue about how it means he’s ready to start following the hero’s way. After an entire season of reluctance, Arthur unexpectedly agrees, ready to take the hero’s life head-on. Tick jumps with excitement and immediately starts training Arthur, honing his danger reflex by telling him to “think quick” and striking him from an unexpected angle. Arthur goes flying across the room, unable to anticipate Tick’s movements. They have some work to do. Meanwhile, the Tick is molting, allowing him to sport a new, improved, and more flexible costume. 

But before Arthur can embrace his superhero life completely, he still has a day job to do. After being totally trashed last season, the offices of Fishladder & Sons is finally being reopened and Arthur has to go back to work. Meanwhile, Arthur’s mother Joan (Patricia Kalember) is trying to organize a family dinner so they can catch up after the events of Arthur’s heroic deeds, Ms. Lint (Yara Martinez) survives the crash of her escape pod, Overkill (Scott Speiser) is having an identity crisis after the Tick takes away his lethal capacity, Dangerboat (Alan Tudyk) tries to set up a movie date with Arthur, Dot (Valorie Curry) might be experiencing super abilities, and Tinfoil Kevin (Devin Ratray) discovers that they’re being watched by some kind of sophisticated surveillance drone – so there’s a lot going on.

Luckily, Arthur won’t have his job to worry about. He quits when his boss gives him the choice between Fishladder & Sons or superhero-ing. While this show is undoubtedly absurd, there is something still so inspiring about Arthur’s choice to follow his calling and his triumphant leap off the roof and into the sky, wearing his superhero suit.

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After Dot’s moment of premonition at the coffee shop, she takes a sick day and comes to talk to Arthur, who isn’t home from work yet. Instead, she talks to the Tick, who “groks” her feeling of siblinghood with Arthur. I don’t know if “grok” has entered common parlance or if its meaning is commonly known, but I always love hearing this sci-fi term used outside of the Robert Heinlein novel from which it originated. Anyway, Arthur arrives home early and is greeted by Tick with the kind of enthusiasm labrador puppies usually reserve for their owners. Arthur tells Dot that he’s going to be superhero-ing full time and totally expects her to disagree with his choice, but she surprises him and tells him that she thinks he was meant to do something different and important.

She doesn’t get a chance to talk to Arthur about her abilities, so she gets drunk with Overkill and they bond over their shared identity crisis. Arthur and Tick go to the bank to cash Arthur’s last check and are caught in the middle of a bank robbery. The Tick takes on a huge lobster-type creature while the other bank robbers get away with the money. The Arthur and Tick follow the lobster creature into the sewer but lose the trail. After all the distractions of the day, neither Dot nor Arthur make it Joan’s for dinner.

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But there’s one surprise still waiting. When Tick and Arthur arrive home, Agent Commander Ty Rathbone (Marc Kudisch) of AEGIS (a government agency enforcing and facilitating superheroes) is waiting for them. AEGIS is back in town and recruiting superheroes for the new Flag Five, which means Arthur has the chance to achieve his lifelong goal of being on the team. Rathbone gives Arthur his card and invites him to tour the facility tomorrow morning. The Tick and Arthur are finally joining the big leagues.

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