Game of Thrones refresher: Where they are now?

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A.K.A: wildling
Age at the start of season 8: 20 years old
First appearance: S2, E1, “The North Remembers”
Best moment: When Sam saved her and baby Sam from the uprising at Craster’s.
Worst moment: Gilly’s entire life as a wildling and in Craster’s.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: She has just arrived at Winterfell with Sam and baby Sam.
Season 8 bold prediction: I think she survives, but I can’t help but think baby Sam is especially targeted because of his Craster blood.

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Grey Worm

A.K.A: Ser Worm
Age at the start of season 8: Unknown
First appearance: S3, E5 “Kissed by Fire”
Best moment: When he and Missandei finally profess their love for one another.
Worst moment: When he is wounded by the Sons of the Harpy and feels ashamed for not being able to help Barristan Selmy.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: On his way north to White Harbor.
Season 8 bold prediction: If Grey Worm hadn’t been injured so severely a few seasons ago, I wouldn’t believe it was possible to defeat him. But I think he dies saving the woman he loves and serves. Do you think he’ll survive the final season?