Hanna season 1, episode 2 recap: Friend


Hanna escapes CIA custody and makes a friend as she works her way back to her father at their rendezvous point in Berlin.

Sophie (Rhianne Barreto) is an English teenager who is about to go on a month long trip to Morocco with her parents and little brother on Hanna. She is pretty much the most basic and superficial b*tch around and is privileged enough to have the nerve to complain about having to go on this trip. Some people.

Meanwhile, Hanna is being kept in a secure location where she is processed, cleaned up, and interviewed while Marissa watches remotely from her office in Paris. Hanna casually refuses to answer any questions and asks to see Marissa Wiegler. They send in an imposter to talk to her and she pretends to go along with it until she can get close enough kill her with her own hair pin. In the process of her escape, she finds the results of the routine medical tests they ran on her. She takes these to look at later and disguises herself in an army uniform. She walks right out the door and into the Moroccan desert.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s camper van breaks down and she storms off into the desert as her family starts fighting. She isn’t so full of herself once she gets lost, wandering around without water and wearing flip flops. Lucky for her she runs into Hanna, who gives her water and leads her back to the road where she finds her family. Hanna catches a ride with them into town. When Sophie’s family decides to abandon their trip and go home, Sophie smuggles Hanna onto the ferry by hiding her in the back seat. She convinces her parents to give her a ride as far as France.

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Marissa arrives home, wearing some killer shoes, and plays house with her boyfriend and his son. While her boyfriend cooks dinner, she looks at some files she keeps hidden away under the floorboards – official directives to terminate operations at the Utrax facility. She meets up with an old colleague to runs a private operation and asks him to kill Erik Heller and capture Hanna. For some reason, Marissa can’t use official channels to get the job done. He finds Hanna in Spain as she joins Sophie’s family. He begins to follow her, hoping she will lead him to Erik.

Meanwhile, the Polish borders have been closed, which means that Erik must cross into Germany by night. He greases himself up with goose fat and swims across. Marissa, suspecting that Erik is headed into Germany and might contact his mother, contacts her first and tells her to call if she hears from him.

Sophie and Hanna sneak out to go to a club. Hanna has a natural feel for the music and has absolutely no self-consciousness when out on the dance floor. She dances freely and by animal instinct. They meet a couple of boys and have some fun making out with them. Hanna is at first confused by it, then frightened by it, then decides she likes it. She begins to straddle the boy, seeming again to act by animal instinct rather than with rational thought. Sophie decides she’s going too far and says its time to go home.

She tells Sophie the truth about where she’s going and that there are people trying to hurt her. She shows Sophie the medical report she took from the retention center and asks what it means. The report says her DNA is abnormal. Sophie’s love and dedication for Hanna makes her inexplicably likable.

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The next day they drop Hanna off at the train station in France. Sophie walks in with her to say goodbye, but Hanna notices she’s surrounded by men who are watching her and closing in. Hanna pushes Sophie away, telling her to go back to her family. Then it all happens so fast as Hanna incapacitates the men who swarm her before Sophie’s very eyes. She runs after a departing train and is able to hop on the back of it as Sophie watches her from the platform.