Shameless season 10 is bringing back the beloved Mickey Milkovich


Showtime has announced fan-favorite Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich) is back for Shameless 10th season.

With Emmy Rossum departing, one great Showtime move will keep loyal fans shameless in their devotion to the show. Showtime has announced Noel Fisher will again feature as Mickey Milkovich, Shameless most lovable hard case. Again, this isn’t a short one scene cameo like last season, this is a full on series regular level development on the south side.

The Shameless Twitter account released some of the details, which seem to point towards Mickey being released from prison. The warden may not have given Mickey permission, but the Milkovich way is more ‘forgiveness over permission’ with forgiveness also optional.

One reason for Mickey trying to escape prison is something happened with Ian. Maybe Ian is released early on good behavior and mental health concerns. It’s doubtful that Ian had problems while locked up, but prison is dangerous.

Which is another reason Mickey might try to escape prison, it is an actual prison. The romantic relationship between Mickey and Ian has had its troubles before. Now they’d be locked in a room together to work it out, or worse and Mickey has to literally escape the situation.

This tasty morsel of information came by way of the official Shameless twitter page.

The return of Fisher could bring more to the tenth season than the second most sought after Shameless romantic return. Jimmy/Steve’s predicted return last year hasn’t been topped since forever. No one would argue for Karen against the other two options.

Mickey had more going on in his life besides Ian. Mickey is only in prison as a form of safety from a Mexican cartel. Several televisions shows seem dedicated to reminding the general public that prisons are full of cartel members.

Mickey puts himself in tight spots all the time and sometimes has to dress in drag and jump a border or prison fence. Just an observation, just saying.

Cameron Monaghan spoke for practically everyone when the news broke.

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Shameless will be back this fall. Now, so will most of the audience.

Are you excited for Mickey Milkovich’s return? Will you be tuning in for season 10 of Shameless? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!