Shameless: How could Fiona return in future episodes?


Emmy Rossum left Shameless as a feature character, but the door is still open for a cameo next year. What could bring Fiona back to the Showtime hit?

We all knew that Emmy Rossum would be leaving her full-time role on Shameless before the series finale. That did not stop the speculation beforehand or the tears after. Tears of joy that Fiona was getting to experience a life for herself fought with tears that she was leaving the Southside.

However, several interviews have Showtime executives, Shameless characters, and even Emmy Rossum dropping hints that this was not necessarily a permanent goodbye. Perhaps Rossum’s Fiona makes a cameo on a cross country journey. O’Hare and Midway are prime airport hubs for changing flights.

A Logical Idea

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Though it is doubtful Fiona drops in between flights in a few months, one situation that could require Fiona to return is her legal guardianship of Liam. Tyler’s grandmother will not be able to enroll Liam into school eventually and will want some of the tax benefits Frank is surely still claiming.

Fiona went jumped through hoops while wearing an ankle moniter at times just to keep custody of Liam. Several times the family has had to fight to stay together instead of being split up in various foster homes. Liam could emancipate himself, or just file for new guardianship.

Either way, Fiona’s presence will be required or Liam may be lost forever, while Fiona faces more legal issues. Judges take promises while under oath very seriously.

A Bleak Idea

The house burns down or there is a medical emergency. It could be Debbie has another welding accident, or Carl has a military training operation turn sour. Perhaps Liam gets into a bind and that legal guardianship issue rears it’s head in a less straightforward manner.

With so much left unsaid, and with Fiona feeling so used and taken for granted, it is doubtful she returns to Chicago from a beachside cabana just to bury Frank when he inevitably kicks the bucket to end the series.

An Uplifting Idea

In between trips to the equator, Fiona will find time to attend Carl’s military high school graduation. Lip graduated early, but never achieved the college graduate status expected of him. Debbie got a certification from a welding school, and went straight to work. Fiona dropped out to take care of the other kids.

Carl graduating from military school would be a great achievement, one unexpected up until very recently. The only thing that could derail this scenario would be if Cassidy’s corpse was found on base. That might still bring Fiona back, to pay bail and stick by Carl for yet another trial.

A Shameless Idea

Fifty thousand dollars in the poor end of the Southside does not stay quiet long. Debbie will spend some on Franny, some on the house, and some should be given to Lip and Carl. Ian’s probably got commissary on lock, and Liam is newly domiciled elsewhere.

The house could use some repairs, obviously. The kids could use a few new things and some access to educational opportunities. Carl has military school taken care of, but keeping connections with Liam by helping his academic progression seems a logical first step. That list of forty plus demands will require more than money.

Since the family is in dire need of a saftey net instead of a squirrel fund, they will protect it just enough that Frank takes notice. Between the sponge baths from a corner street irchen and the oxy induced hazes, Frank will become privy to a substantial sum of cash being in his vicinity.

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Fiona will have to come back to save the family, using her left over cash and resorting to another gas station job. Yes, Frank will snatch and grab the families’ money. The funds Fiona left to Debbie to take care of the household will go directly to the Alibi room or some shady back alley drug dealer.

Would you want to see Fiona return in some capacity on Shameless? Do you have other ideas for a quick cameo? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!