Black Summer season 1, episode 3 recap: Summer School


Rose’s group tries to find shelter in an abandoned school, only to be led on a sinister wild goose chase by an army of children who have colonized the building on Black Summer.

Hide: Rose’s group enters a large school building, looking for a safe place to spend the night on the third episode of Black Summer. It appears to be empty but is suspiciously not looted. The school is large and it would be impossible to search the whole place, so they just find a room and barricade themselves in for the night.

Seek: Not long later, they start hearing footsteps and voices in the building. When they investigate, they see a shadowy kid who runs away as soon as they see him. He’s obviously there to lure them into some kind of trap, but the good-hearted Ryan is adamant that they try to find and help the child.

Detention: They’re basically lead on a wild goose chase, getting split up and then being captured by a highly organized Lord of the Flies type child army. Lance gets killed by a booby-trap, Ryan gets captured, and Rose gets harassed. The kids have stockpiled supplies and weapons, likely having lured other survivors into the school only to loot and kill them. Rose and Ryan found bodies in the gym showers, and when Ryan is captured there is another anonymous man already tied up and blindfolded at their command center.

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Recess: Spears finds Rose, where she has been locked into a room, and busts down the door to help her escape. As they search for Ryan, they run into a gang of kids blocking the hallway. They have Ryan and say they’ll trade him for their gun. They let Ryan go, but warn that if he moves before the exchange they’ll kill him. Of course, Ryan can’t hear any of this, so he immediately starts to move toward Rose as soon as he is unmasked. They shoot him in the back and run away. Ryan dies and starts coming after Rose and Spears as soon as he reanimates. They get trapped with him in the cafeteria and fight him off as the kids watch and cheer like they’re watching a cage battle.

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They escape with the help of a random dude outside who opens the outer doors to let them out. The children watch them go as they reset the trap.

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