Light as a Feather season 1, episode 9 recap: Innocent as a Lamb


Episode 9 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather reveals more about the cursed game, and we get to better understand Violet’s unique plight.

Light as a Feather is full of gradual reveals, yet it’s not afraid to have its characters take drastic steps. In the previous episode, Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) was apparently killed in a bathtub. Fortunately, she was cursed enough to spring back to life. Now she is revealed to be hungry for a sandwich. Rather casually, she tells them what she knows about the cursed game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

Her ex, Marc Regan (Alex Lange), had apparently jumped off a bridge. However, Violet reveals more complicated details about that fateful moment. While we don’t fully know what creates Violet’s “cocoon wound” on her back, it’s firmly established that it’s an aspect of the curse, and had played the game with Marc and others. As one might expect, the game predicted Marc would die by falling from a great height.

The reality of it all

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As Violet is confronted by the group, she defends her actions by rationalizing, “None of you are as nice as you pretend to be.” Of course, none of them are particularly vile, either. It’s no excuse, Violet!  For one thing, isn’t that true of nearly everybody?  Also, two wrongs don’t make a right, right? Anyway, Violet says she had previously met McKenna (Liana Liberato) at a tennis match between Marc Regan and Henry Richmond (Dylan Sprayberry). Hannah (Mackenzie Rayne), one of the girls who played with Violet and Marc, had died from an allergic reaction. Henry doesn’t like Violet’s tale, so he impulsively (and probably foolishly) casts the cursed “gamebook” into the fireplace. In the ensuing panicked confusion, Violet escapes.

The accidents are still not accidents

Light as a Feather deals out a few more deaths. A girl named Sam Allagash (Sky Evans) died in a car accident, much like Olivia Richmond (Peyton List). In the flashback, Violet and Marc confronted their game’s leader, Gabby (Leah Lewis), about the deaths. Also, Violet first got the diary when it was Gabby’s. In a dramatic moment, we learn that Marc had killed gabby in a fire, to match the game’s prediction and to spare Violet’s life. As it turns out, Violet was asked to push Mark off the bridge they had romantically hung out on before.   After all this, we now know why Violet had a shrine to Marc in her room. While she’s still not a paragon of virtue, her motives are at least understandable, even if very selfish.

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Awkward meetup on the  bridge

Toward the episode’s end, Henry meets Marc Regan’s sister, Lena (Harley Graham). Desperate for an answer to the curse, he asks her how Violet was supposed to die when she played the game before. She whispers something to him. Unfortunately, she has a little smirk as he leaves, strongly hinting that she probably lied. Now, as the group meets Violet on the bridge, there are plenty of possibilities. McKenna proposes that they help each other, but we know that Henry may attempt something a little more murder-y.

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