Light as a Feather season 1, episode 8 recap: …Cold as Ice


Episode 8 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather reveals major details about Violet, and we learn more about the curse surrounding the game they’ve played.

When Light as a Feather began, five high school girls seemed to play an innocent party game. However, by this point in the series, no one is 100% innocent and it’s far from a mere game. In fact, they are surrounded by a mysterious malediction. While Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) seems to be at the center, it has already taken the lives of Olivia Richmond (Peyton List) and Candace Preston (Ajiona Alexus). Now it seems McKenna (Liana Liberato), Alex (Brianne Tju), Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) and Henry (Dylan Sprayberry ) are racing against the clock to reverse to curse. Of course, that’s not all that’s going on.

Family strife

Early in this episode, McKenna dreams of burying her sister. While this could be a part of the Light as a Feather curse, it may just be residual guilt over her death. We also see that McKenna’s father, Ed (John Tague), is in town from Phoenix. While he expects to be able to leave with her, she tells him off for abandoning her and her mother (Dorian Brown Pham), Deb. Meanwhile, Violet’s grandmother (Nancy Linehan Charles) is passed out on the floor, prompting Violet to take unique action.

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The journal and the damage done

Violet calls Alex, demanding her stolen journal back. She also promises she’ll end “the game” and let her live if she opens McKenna’s laptop. However, she and the others have a different game plan. They wait for Violet, and they study the journal. Its pages verify something they already suspected: Everyone who’s played the game is dead…except for Violet. On the bright side, this magical hardship is bringing everyone closer together now. Alex and McKenna seem to be getting along, and the same with Trey and Henry (even though McKenna just dumped Henry for Trey). Of course, they might only be getting alone to survive.

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Before long their plan pays off. Violet sneaks in for the book and Alex knocks her unconscious with a vase. After they tie her up, they can’t help but notice a growth on her back. It’s learned that, essentially, her body is rotting unless people will join the game and be sacrificed. Also, with this hellish version of Light as a Feather, only one survivor lives to play another day. In the heat of the moment, Alex takes matters to the limit, actually electrocuting Violet in a bath. However, we see that, because of the game, Violet’s still alive and kicking. The question is, what will she do next?

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