Black Summer season 1, episode 4 recap: Alone


While Sun and William are holed up in the diner, Lance just can’t catch a break as he spends the day unable to evade a single zombie on Black Summer.

Go East: Sun and William try to sneak out of the diner and head east, but as they set out the zombies come rushing them from around the corner, forcing them back into the diner. Frustrated, they sit down in a booth, rejoining the other three people also stuck in the diner on Black Summer.

Alone: Lance isn’t dead after all! Just left for dead. He wanders around the school, sits down in the library, and picks up a book to read. Almost immediately he can hear distant screams and banging. He tries his best to ignore it, almost physically tries to hide inside the book. After a while, he can’t take it anymore and leaves the library.

He climbs up to the roof and is able to climb a water pipe back down to the ground outside. As he is about to leave, the children execute the other man they’ve been keeping captive, setting the new zombie after Lance. They cheer as Lance runs away, able to evade the zombie by weaving through the neighborhood. Once Lance has a chance to slow down and look around him, he’s in a completely deserted street and completely alone.

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Dog: Lance wanders around town looking for someone, anyone to team up with. He’s maybe not so good on his own. He tries various shops and doors, but there’s no one. He starts yelling, hoping someone will hear him and reveal themselves. He finds an unlocked car with keys, but the engine won’t start. Then a dog runs by, but refuses Lance’s calls to come over, which is especially depressing. Lance tries his luck at a grocery store and discovers that it’s strangely totally unlooted.

Oasis: Lance goes shopping. Beer, cereal, canned goods, crackers, water. He’s pretty satisfied with himself. He starts to take his items through the checkout – a force of habit maybe – and then remembers he needs a can opener. As he’s finishing his shopping, though, a zombie comes in the store and Lance is on the run again. He’s chased to a yard of school buses, where he climbs on top of one and decides just to sit down and wait up there as the zombie tirelessly tries to reach him. He seems safe enough for now, as the zombie doesn’t seem able to climb up, but Lance definitely doesn’t look relaxed.

Thank you: The zombie forgets about Lance long enough for him to think that he can sneak away, but instead he ends up teaching the zombie how to climb onto the bus. Lance dives off the top of the bus and crashes through the roof of a camper van. He takes off running again and tries to find safety in a firehouse. Instead, he gets cornered and decides to try to confront the zombie with an ax. He fails miserably as the ax gets caught in some clothes hangers as he rears back to swing.

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Lance runs again and hides in a local library in a scene that looks a lot like the raptor/kitchen scene from the first Jurassic Park. A man finally comes to Lance’s rescue, attacking the zombie and finally killing it, but not before he gets bitten. Lance, grateful but practical, thanks to the man just before striking at him with a blunt object while his back is turned.

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