Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, episode 13 recap: The Bimbo


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back! Bathroom stall meetings, missing coins, the 1940 census, and lunch wars add intrigue to “The Bimbo.” Let’s recap!

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “The Bimbo,” was written by Paul Welsh (Revisiting the Elstree Story) and Madeline Walter (Textbook Adulthood). It was directed by Jo Lo Truglio. That’s right! The man, known as The Deuce, Twink Tucker, and, of course, Charles Boyle can now add the title of Brooklyn Nine-Nine director to his identity Rolodex. In my world, that’s a thing that totally exists.

And Joe Lo Truglio dropped a deuce. In a good way. We should never let him pick his own nicknames. Anyway. He juggled a lot of moving parts, kept things funny, and helped to give us the Simple Minds/Harry Potter and the Pack of Brats mash-up that we didn’t know we needed so badly.

Just a Hot Piece of Kerfuffle

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“The Bimbo” starts off with Jake (Andy Samberg) once again being late for work. He may have learned to wear a tie (quite often), but Jake’s Achilles heel is punctuality. This is the bane of Captain Holt’s (Andre Braugher) existence at the Nine-Nine. This time Jake is so late for the morning roll and briefing that he missed an entire copy machine orientation and something truly special.

Captain Holt channeled his inner Bryce Harper and came up personalized high-fives for every member of the squad, except Jake. There was a booty shake with Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz), something that looked like an interpretive dragon dance with Boyle, and a Pete Townshend windmill flourish with the copy guy. Jake’s soul was left burned and stamped out. That, my friends, is a cold open.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-The Bimbo-Courtesy of NBC Universal

Captain Holt’s husband Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) visits the squad on a supposed whim. Holt and Kevin shake hands in the middle of the squad. Man, alive! The PDA! I can’t blame Holt. Kevin’s newfound beard game is on point. After asking for permission to use the squad’s facilities, as spouse’s do, Kevin meets Jake in a stall.

Kevin needs Jake’s help investigating the theft of some fancy coins from the Classics Department at Columbia College. He can’t go to Raymond because of an incident at the last Classics Department holiday party.

Holt had partaken in one too many drinks. When Dean Alistair (Oliver Muirhead) corrected one of Holt’s argument’s, Holt became loud and spun around too fast. He knocked over a decorative flower and thus created the Classics Department Holiday Party Kerfuffle of 2018.

Jake agrees to help and keep it on the DL, but he and Kevin are immediately found out by Holt. Never tell a man that you’d be willing to sit in left center, aka tin-timpani heaven, at a concert. It’s an obvious giveaway that you’re hiding something. Balderdash!

Holt explains to Jake that Dean Alistair and the rest of the Classics Department view him as a hottie with not a lot in the brain zone. That’s right! Captain Raymond Holt is the titular “The Bimbo!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-The Bimbo-Courtesy of NBC Universal

It’s classic privilege and classism on display. Jake can’t believe it, but Kevin confirms it. Holt drives the point home by explaining that Dean Holt sees him as a Jake. That would make Jake the Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) of the scenario. Everyone is left devastated.

Jake and Holt work the case together. They make strides until all of a sudden a maintenance dude finds one of the coins. Dean Alistair takes this opportunity to throw eclipse level shade at the slow, silly cops and their pointless existence.

Holt is resigned to being viewed as a trophy husband. Jake cheers him on and eventually, after so much more extinction level shade is thrown at the two by Alistair, Holt solves the case. It was the maintenance man all along. He had been stealing from the Classics Department for years. Dean Alistair is left with a poached egg on his face. Holt and Kevin shake hands. Because they are out of control!

The White Board of Sushi and Indoor Skydiving

Commissioner Kelly (Phil Reeves) has slashed the Nine-Nine budget so close to the bone that it’s doubtful the squad can get their fridge fixed. In order to boost morale, Amy (Melissa Fumero) decides to take her half of the office out for pizza.

But she’s not the only sergeant in the Nine-Nine! Terry (Terry Crews) decides to take his half of the office out for sushi because sushi is better than pizza. Depending on where you go, they both have the same amount of sodium in them, so, like, it’s a taste thing, really.

This quickly escalates into a war for the best lunch. Hitchcock and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) are to judge. Somehow, they are able to make both lunches even when they happen simultaneously and miles apart. This is because, as Scully so eloquently puts it: “There’s free food. Life finds a way.”

This is a millennial’s dream situation. What starts off as a steak and limo ride vs. cupcakes and a walk in the park ends up in a lunch competition that doesn’t even include food. There are fun-diving and paintball. Team Terry’s Beth (Sarah Claspell) and Team Amy’s Gary (Drew Tarver) miss the food and hate the competition. It’s leading to nightmares! And likely heartburn and indigestion.

The sergeants come to their senses and use lunch war-chest money to turn the break room into a sweet place to eat. There are noise canceling headphones and charging stations in what looks like a Lisa Frank decorated dystopian detention center. But hey, I’d love to charge my battery and eat a hero sandwich while listening to podcasts on my break. Good job, Amy and Terry!

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“The Bimbo” moves quickly, keeps the shade flying and heightens into the middle of outer space. Way to go Joe Lo Truglio!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a joint that serves burritos with little miniature escape rooms of protein built in the tortilla.

Did you enjoy “The Bimbo?” How do you feel about this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!