The Orville season 2, episode 13 recap: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

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THE ORVILLE: Jessica Szohr in the ÒTomorrow & Tomorrow & TomorrowÓ episode of THE ORVILLE airing Thursday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kevin Estrada/FOX

We don’t see an answer from Ed. The Orville transitions to Ed going to talk to Kelly about Kelly B’s request. Ed explains that it could be a second chance and, unless Kelly wants to give their relationship another try, he wants to pursue it. Kelly reminds him that seven years have passed and he’s a different person than the Ed Kelly B knows.

Still, despite her feelings on the situation, Kelly lets Ed go on the second date with Kelly B.

The Orville then moves straight into Kelly B and Ed’s date where the two have a great time. After dinner, they wind up kissing in front of Kelly B’s room.

The next morning, Kelly goes to Kelly B’s room. Kelly explains that she is worried about those two dating, especially since she saw/experienced how hurt she and Ed were when they broke up last time. Kelly B responds by saying she doesn’t intend to let things play out the same way Kelly did.

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The two argue, with Kelly saying Kelly B is just a naive, younger version of herself and Kelly B arguing that she’s a new person who refuses to make the mistakes Kelly has made. Kelly isn’t married, isn’t a captain and isn’t friends with her crew. Kelly B says she’s made their future a disappointment.

Kelly leaves and returns to the bridge.

Just then, Bortus spots two Kaylon ships that look like they’re going to intercept the ship. Unsure if they’ve been seen, Ed has the Orville run to get away. It doesn’t seem like the Kaylons are following them.

Later, Ed talks to Gordon about how excited he is about being with Kelly B with a chance to do things right this time. Gordon says it’s a bad idea, having seen how the divorce destroyed Ed.

Ed says things are going to be different this time.

Kelly B then comes up and invites Ed and Gordon to join her, Bortus and Talla in the simulator where she’s had one of her favorite places on Earth programmed in.

Cut to Ed and Gordon sitting in a nightclub complaining about how loud it is. Talla, Kelly B, and even Bortus and Klyden are having a great time, while Ed and Gordon are miserable. Gordon, knowingly, asks if this is what Ed actually wants.

Elsewhere, Kelly talks to Claire about how much it sucks to have to actually see how much dumber she was when she was younger.

Deep down, though, Kelly confesses she’s worried that Kelly B was right and she is a disappointment. Claire immediately shuts down that thought. Goals change and life is complicated, Claire explains. Kelly has still accomplished a lot in her life. As time goes by, Claire says, you reevaluate what you really want.

The Orville transitions to Ed’s room where Kelly B comes in. The two kiss on his bed and Kelly B starts to take Ed’s clothes off, but he keeps stopping her.

Ed finally confesses that it feels weird for him because he has, in fact, changed over the last seven years. He’s grown with Kelly over the years and is still in love with her. Kelly B starts to say that she and Kelly are the same person, but Bortus calls the Ed to say the Kaylon ships are back.

Everyone, in their pajamas, returns to the bridge. Ed says they’re going to try to outrun the Kaylons (a tough task).

Just then, Kelly B comes in with an idea. There’s a system nearby that, with a little bit of cleverness and luck, they’ll be able to hide in. They can hide amongst chunks of ice by getting rid of water and creating an ice shell around their ship and then shutting down all of their power.

Ed goes with the plan and it works. The Kaylons pass right over the Orville.

Later, Kelly B goes to Kelly’s office to apologize. She says, for the first time, she realized how important Kelly’s role is. Kelly replies, saying that there’s a lot of Kelly B still in her.

John and Isaac then come in saying they have a breakthrough that may be able to send Kelly B back to the moment she left. In the conference room, as they present the idea to the crew, they explain that the only downside is that it’s going to take a lot of the ship’s power from the quantum drive.

Kelly B then asks what she’s supposed to do about her knowledge of the future. Claire suggests a memory wipe, but it’s risky.

Kelly B smiles. It’s risky, but they all know it will work just fine. And they know she’ll be able to go back. She already has. It explains why Kelly doesn’t remember anything that Kelly B has experienced.

They decide to go through with the plan.

As Kelly B prepares to have her memory wiped, she makes a plan with Talla for her future self to have a drink with her that night. Kelly agrees. Kelly then says she’s glad she got to meet Kelly B. Kelly B says she can’t wait to be Kelly.

Finally, Ed apologizes to Kelly B for the pain he will cause her over the next five years of her life. Ed, looking at Kelly now, says he wishes he could undo it all.

Ed and Kelly head back to the bridge, Claire wipes Kelly B’s memory and John prepares to send Kelly B back in time. But as John gives power to Isaac’s device, it’s not enough. He keeps trying to give it more power, but it threatens to rip the ship apart. Ed, reluctantly, has to tell them to shut it down.

The Orville cuts to Kelly B on the floor of her apartment, seemingly back right where she was. She seems a bit disoriented as she gets a call from Ed (her Ed) asking her out again.

Surprisingly, Kelly B tells him no, saying she doesn’t see them working out.

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The episode of The Orville ends with Kelly B hanging up on Ed and changing the (or maybe just her) future forever.

What do you think Kelly B’s decision means for the season finale of The Orville? Or did she create a new timeline with that decision that won’t affect our crew at all? (Time travel is complicated.) Let us know your thoughts on The Orville in the comments.