The Tick season 2, episode 4 recap: Blood and Cake


As Dot and Overkill set out on a mission, they get trapped with Arthur and the Tick in Dangerboat when secrets from the past overload his system.

As Arthur complains about Ms. Lint’s transition into Joan of Arc for her own personal gain, the Tick is willing to consider the possibility that she might just be turning to the good side. Meanwhile, Superion misinterpreted Arthur’s advice and makes his grand gesture to humanity by defacing beloved natural wonder, carving an effigy of himself into Devil’s Tower.

Unfortunately, this also means that everyone at AEGIS is too busy to analyze the shoe Arthur wrestled off Donny. Tick suggests they ask Dangerboat to analyze the shoe, but Arthur is feeling uncomfortable about Dangerboat’s attempts to start a relationship with him. They don’t really have any other options though, and time is of the essence.

Overkill tells Dot about how there are rumors that the Duke is still alive and that Dangerboat may have caught his trail online. There’s a new high-end black market business dealing in human furniture, something that matches the Duke’s M.O. He wants to recruit Dot for the mission and tells her about how he can’t kill because of Tick’s wish. She agrees to the mission and since she also saved Overkill’s life, she uses the debt he owes her to unwish Tick’s wish, allowing him to kill again.

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The Tick and Arthur take the shoe to Dangerboat to get a better idea of exactly what section of sewer Lobstercules may be hiding. They make some small talk and Tick brings up a video they saw at AEGIS of a flying fleet of Dangerboats, asking DB if he can also fly. This freaks DB out a little and makes his systems start glitching. Overkill and Dot arrive to go on their mission, leading Arthur to disapprove of Dot’s involvement and Tick to become suspicious of Overkill’s crackle of violent potential. Dot refuses to be a bit player in Arthur’s adventures, while Overkill reveals to Tick that Dot allowed him to kill again. Meanwhile, Dangerboat is having a meltdown as repressed memories come flooding back into his system. He locks the doors, sets the self-destruct sequence, and starts playing “MacArthur Park.”

DB has PTSD issues from his time at AEGIS and Tick’s questions triggered him. Back when he worked for AEGIS, his AI became sentient and his partner kept it a secret, working instead at nurturing his budding awareness. On the anniversary of his sentience, his partner baked him a cake and sang him a happy birthday. All it took was a moment of distraction and DB had a flight accident that cost his partner his life.

Just when they think they might have to sever the equivalent of DB’s spinal cord, Arthur makes one last attempt to get through to him. He empathizes with DB’s grief over his partner, knowing how it feels to lose someone you love that much. DB says that after his partner died he shut down and closed himself off to protect his heart until he met Arthur. DB confesses his love for him and Arthur says he knows. DB cancels the self-destruct with mere seconds remaining.

Once outside Arthur and Dot makeup and agree to give each other room to figure out their own lives while still worrying about each other. DB analyzes the shoe for Arthur, apologizes for his craziness, and says he hopes they can be friends. Arthur tells DB that they are friends.

Dot and Overkill go on their mission and find the human furniture warehouse. As they sneak in, a greasy criminal salesman speaks on the phone with a potential buyer, incorporating some amazing wordplay around the origin of furniture and the nationality of victims (china cabinets, Turkish Ottomans, etc). The deal with this furniture is that it’s made out of living humans controlled by a brain implant.

Dot uses the remote control to release the people and gets found out by the salesman. He shoots at her from close range and she actually dodges the bullet. Overkill asks what the hell that was all about, she just dodged a bullet, and Dot brushes it off as if nothing happened. Overkill tries to question the salesman but he swallows cyanide and dies. As Dot rescues the rest of the furniture, Overkill takes one for himself to question and analyze.

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Meanwhile, with Joan of Arc’s social media profile growing, and since so far she’s only hitting criminals who are her own rivals, to allay suspicion regarding her true identity Ms. Lint takes down one of her own operations and betrays her loyal henchman Frank.

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