The Tick season 2, episode 3 recap: Hot Beige!


Arthur and the Tick catch a break in the Lobstercules case and go undercover to collect information. Meanwhile, Ms. Lint takes on a new superhero persona to prevent new criminals from taking over her territory.

Arthur awakes the morning after his first day at AEGIS to find himself atop a temple in the middle of a jungle in Guatemala on The Tick. Superian has brought him there to consult him on what to do about his growing unpopularity. He says he really cares about humanity and just wants everyone to understand how much he cares. Arthur suggests maybe making a gesture of some kind to remind everyone how he feels.

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When Arthur returns home he learns that Lobstercules has struck again, so he and Tick suit up to investigate. Unfortunately, they’ve run out of clues to help track Lobstercules down. In the AEGIS lounge, they meet the famous Flexon, the Flexometric Man (Steven Ogg) who suggests they go down to the docks and look for a suspicious character. Its cliche, but somehow there’s always some guy at the docks who knows what’s going on. As it turns out, they do find someone who knows something. Lobstercules crew consists of four lobstermen from Maine and one of them was seen throwing around a lot of cash at Romeo’s underground gambling den. Arthur decides to go undercover as a high roller to smoke out the crew.

As Arthur and Tick prepare for their mission, Dot keeps them company and asks a lot of practical and strategic questions. Arthur brushes her off, but Tick senses that Dot is in search of her own mission or purpose. Before he can delve deeper, though, he is distracted by Arthur’s perfect non-descript disguise – a powder blue button-down covered by a “hot beige” colored sweater.

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Meanwhile, Overkill confronts Rathbone over the phone, telling him that he didn’t go rogue and sell out his squadron. Rathbone is skeptical but gives Overkill a chance to redeem himself. Rathbone tells him that there are rumors that the Duke didn’t die. Overkill may have decapitated him, but the man dealt in mad science and may have found a kooky way to survive. If he can solve the mystery it would go a long way toward clearing his name.

Arthur easily infiltrates Romeo’s and identifies Donny the lobsterman from Maine. As Donny runs his mouth and Arthur collection information, it turns out Arthur is really good at bluffing and is cleaning up at the card table. Meanwhile, Ms. Lint swoops in to test out her new high tech armor. As she starts zapping people in the club, Donny runs away with the poker money and Arthur tackles him. Donny still gets away, but he loses his shoe in the process. Arthur and Tick confront Ms. Lint, who is claiming to be the new superhero, Joan of Arc. They both doubt her sincerity and with good reason. She’s only trying to prevent her villainous rivals from stealing her territory and can do so legally under the pretense of “hero-ing”.

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Back at AEGIS, Rathbone takes a white mouse out of a cage in his desk drawer. As he opens the clasp on the gauge on his chest the mouse gets sucked into the void contained within his heart. Rathbone declares, “Damn you, black hole heart.” So that’s a thing.

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